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  1. Victoria is an amazing healer! She is intuitive and receptive. Her presence and touch always leaves me with good vibes… Literally! Have her touch a tuning fork to your scalp or lay and absorb the music of her singing bowls. It’s like magic ^^ <3

  2. “I needed to shout into the cosmos and all over the world about my experience under the loving hands of this radiant being. We met at PEXSF2016, by pure chance (or so it ‘seemed”). Something about her entire demeanor just calmed me down (I’m a child of severe ADD, -no easy feat!) and after my learning about her gifts in Reiki, she guided my entire being (Physical, spiritual, mental and emotional) through one of the most palpably beautiful experiences I’ve never imagined I’d be lucky enough to feel. She lifted blockages as easily as lovingly blowing on a dandelion, and just like that: -They just went away. What was left was new, revived and quickened. She opened doors I hadn’t even known were there. Trust me, Trust HER!
    Victoria, you have a magical, golden, loving soul. It will never steer you wrong, and you have helped simply by existing. You are an inspiration to me and I hope you will touch the entire planet!”– Harmony-Us Mariposa

  3. Victoria gave me the level 2 attunement and has given me in-person and distance Reiki sessions. She has such a patient, loving demeanor, which you can feel even before she starts working. When we did our in-person session, I felt grounded, powerful, and charged up. Then, during our distance session, I had thoughts of self-love and power, like I was ready to exert myself onto the world. I also decided to let love into my life in ways I had been resisting!

    She was a pretty selfless teacher. We lived in different locations, so we got creative with our sessions, but she always prioritized my schedule and comfort. We did a Skype session to introduce me to the symbols of level 2, and then we met up at a festival to do the attunement. It was powerful. I could feel my hands heavy and charged, and it coursed through my body. We then practiced the distance sessions after the festival.

    Victoria also does unique sound work. During our attunement, she pressed a tuning fork to my third eye and it was very enhancing. I have also seen her combining sound with Reiki on other clients and it looks very interesting.

  4. I had a session with Victoria last month. It was fantastic and so very healing. Her gentle loving nature comes through. She intuitively found those points of pain in my body without my directing her or bringing her attention to them. Excellent. Going back again this month.

    Siri Sevak Singh
    Kundalini yoga teacher
    Healing Arts Collective

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