Am I Polyamorous?

“As a species, we have not socially expected life long monogamy from one another until land ownership came about and suddenly women and children became extensions of property.” Polyamory by Teal Swan

I know this is a harsh quote to start the post with, but now that I have your attention…

I have been exploring the idea of polyamory since around 2012 when I found a book by Deborah Anapol in a New Age shop in Manhattan. I was dating a bisexual man that had also been my best friend. I wanted a way to explore my interests in other people, without having to conceal my love for him (as a good friend and partner at the time).

Now as I am a little bit older and living on my own and paying all of my expenses for the first time, I am re-evaluating my “polyamorous” identity that I held so strongly to for the past few years. I am understanding that there may be benefits to having a loving, committed and supportive partner. That’s not to say that that wouldn’t exist under the umbrella of polyamory. But for the past year I have considered myself a Solo-Polyamorist. I have been holding strong to my identity as an independent single woman and the freedom that comes with it.

“If we are afraid of intimacy because we have experienced pain as a result of forming bonds with people in the past, polyamory enables us to never have to face that fear and never have to face the fear of committing ourselves to anything.”-Teal Swan

P.S. For those polyamorists out there reading this, I suggest reading the whole article by Teal Swan here, before judging her point of view.

My first boyfriend (and the first person I kissed) from my junior year in high school recently added me on facebook. When he broke up with me before he left to go away to college, I was heartbroken and I cried and re-read the breakup text message over and over, and replayed the situations in my head, dreaming of the possibility that we could still somehow make it work. I was even afraid that I would never have a boyfriend again. Little did I know that I would go on to have at least a hundred sexual encounters and plenty of romantic relationships over the next few years. But now I am questioning my identity and digging deeper into my shadow side to find out if I still have wounds from that first innocent relationship. In a sense, I was hurt by that breakup. And ever since, I have not been seriously “broken up with”. I have always been the one doing the breaking up, or the elusive non-committal dating and ghosting. This also may just be a part of my nature and personality as a Sagittarius woman that is always shooting for the stars, running from committment and looking for the new possibilities.

That first boyfriend added me on facebook the day after the drama that happened recently between me and a monogamous couple that I had a threesome with. I had sexual relations with the male member of that couple before and after the threesome. A few months later, my subconscious must have still felt guilty, and I told the female member of the couple. She was very upset and from her point of view, I was also “cheating”. This was a mistake on my part, and I do realize that just because I am polyamorous, doesn’t mean I should let myself have sex with someone in a monogamous relationship. Of course the male member didn’t see anything wrong with it, or at least still allowed it to happen. Hence it may not have been the healthiest monogamous relationship. This makes me wonder, why I am so attracted to couples and why do I keep getting into messy situations with couples? I wonder, am I still playing out actions to help heal the wounds from that first relationship? That may be a long shot as I think I forgave him long ago, but now I am just psycho-analyzing myself. Maybe I really am just attracted to certain people that happen to be part of a couple.

Anyway, lately I have been having thoughts along the lines of, “maybe I should just cave in and become monogamous because it would be easier and would not lead me to be so confused and all over the place”.

I really love the insights written by Teal Swan, as she explores both the positives and negatives of polyamory. She says that neither monogamy nor polyamory are inherently right or wrong. She ends the article by saying that it’s most important for us to be in relationships that are in alignment with our highest good.


“Our own evolution will inevitably again take us back down the path of polyamory. Only this time, it will be conscious polyamory. Many people whose consciousness is awakening can already feel that this is the impending path of evolution for our species. We are meant to awaken to and practice inclusive instead of exclusive love. However, by becoming polyamorous because it is the inevitable path of evolution is to rush progression. It’s the same as trying to force a baby that is crawling to run before it is naturally ready instead of honoring that healthy monogamy may currently still be the path of highest progression for most people on earth at this time. It is not a shortcoming of consciousness to be monogamous any more than it is a shortcoming for an infant to crawl instead of run on two legs. Some of the most awakened people on this earth have chosen to be monogamous because it, and not polyamory is in alignment with their current highest good at this time. We are capable of having deep, long term, committed relationships with multiple people regardless of whether they are exclusive or not. Those of us who live in intentional communities can attest to that.”-Teal Swan

I still often miss the couple that I was casually dating a few months back. I am still in contact with them and we are all on good terms. So there is always the possibility of me having relationships with them again. The key word is relationship(s) not relationship. They are two different people, but I loved being surrounded by their loving couple energy. Anyway, I was having trouble with trying to fit myself into their couple as a third member. I was looking for more support and stability and maybe even resources than it seemed right for me to ask for at the time. I was not an equal third member and that is just the reality of this 3 dimensional life I’m living. That is not their fault, it’s just the way it was. And this may be different for other polyamorous groups of three with more time and/or resources or dynamics.

I know I live in an idealistic la-la land sometimes. And in that world, or maybe even in the 4D or 5D worlds, I wouldn’t have had that issue. But as I take a deep breath in, I can feel grateful for this life and the struggles and lessons learned here in 3D life. I still hope to be around that couple in the future, but I do have different boundaries now. Teal Swan mentioned that “becoming polyamorous because it is the inevitable path of evolution is to rush progression”. So now as a young woman that may have seedling thoughts creeping in about wanting to have a stable place to live and possibly have a child one day (gasp)… It may be realistic for me to question my polyamorous-ness, or my monogamous-ness or my own signature combination of the two if I can find a partner that aligns with my level of consciousness and world view. Even if I am not planning to have kids in the near future, I may need a more committed relationship for the benefit of my own energy and electromagnetic field. But for right now, I can just affirm to myself that I don’t have label myself in any way, or subscribe to one way of living. I can follow my heart and try to follow my emotional guidance system and align myself with my own highest good at this particular moment in time.

Peace & Love




Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

I will admit that I’m no expert on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. But what I do know is that every one of us has our own divine feminine and divine masculine energies within. Lately I have been carrying around my black tourmaline and my small selenite stick, sometimes one in each hand, sometimes resting them on top of each other. selenite-and-black-tourmaline

I also recently discovered the Non-Traditional Reiki Symbol Ran Sei while reading the book Claiming Your Inner Gifts by Marnie Vincolisi. I am still gaining familiarity with this symbol, but one of the things that the symbol can be used for is balancing masculine and feminine energies within. I experimented by giving myself a session with the symbol and the intention of balancing my own masculine and feminine energies and felt it to be a good tool. It looks similar to the symbol “Long Say”, but it’s a bit different. Other than that, I have also been loving the energy of Dai Ko Myo. I am very excited to take the Reiki Master Instructor class so that I can learn how to pass attunements.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.44.47 PM

I also attended a Yinyasa yoga class last night at Amrita Yoga & Wellness in Fishtown, Philadelphia. I felt amazing after the class, and I would love to attend more Yin style yoga classes in the future. Last week, my Qigong teacher was mentioning how he thinks Yin yoga is becoming so popular because we really need a break from the fast moving life style of our current society. He also said that he knows the originator of Yin Yoga! I thought that was pretty cool. Even though Reiki is an abundant, infinite source, I am interested in building up my own personal “Chi”. I think this will help me to become a stronger and more energetic person, as well as helping more people during reiki sessions.

In other exciting news, two new people came into my life and I really like both of them (a man and a woman). I love hanging out with them, but I also like to have my alone time. I was worried that they would think I was a unicorn or even a “hot bi babe”. I do understand that they started dating before I came into the mix and want to respect their relationship to each other. But so far, things have been working out naturally. The lady and I even got to go to dinner at the restaurant where the man works, and had him as our server of a delicious feast. Life felt pretty magical in that moment. Or as the beautiful lady would say, “The Universe loves us!” (Then I escaped to have some alone time at the Yinyasa yoga class).

And for the last bit of exciting news, here is my music video debut! I also feel that the Panda aesthetic of the music video goes along with the theme of this whole post.

Link of the Day: Radical Honesty

The kind of lying that is most deadly is withholding” – Brad Blanton, Radical Honesty

After doing a homework assignment on Google and its business structure, I learned a little bit about the way Google search works. The algorithm favors pages based on the amount of times they have been linked to by other pages. This is a way to weed out spam and prove that the linked pages are of importance to other internet users.

I am constantly growing my self, my image, my mind and ethics based on other people’s ideas and philosophies. And I don’t think of that as a bad thing. As long as I give mention to those that strongly influence me. I thought of posting a Link of the Day as an easy way to explain where a lot of my ideas come from. In addition, maybe this will help spread the influential ideas and people that I think are useful or interesting.  Continue reading “Link of the Day: Radical Honesty”