This Unique Chiropractic Technique Changed My Life!

I have been dealing with back pain for the past 9-10 years. While one thing that significantly shifted my level of pain was my first Akashic Energy Healing experience, I still had some pain, and I went to chiropractors to help relieve the pain and to balance my holistic health care regimen. I have been to various chiropractors, and they have provided some short term relief but they didn’t seem to make a significant lasting impact most of the time.

The Journey Begins

On May 26th, 2020, I had my first appointment at Restore Chiropractic in Wayne, PA. There is something different about Restore Chiropractic- they practice a unique branch of Chiropractic medicine called Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Not only that but from the first moment I met Dr. Danielle Gray, the Chiropractor, I could tell that I resonated with her and that I would benefit from being her patient and learning from her. I can tell she walks her talk because she is very vibrant, healthy and she has a healthy and natural posture!

The first appointment consists of an X-Ray, specifically focused on the Upper Cervical region of the spine. You can read more about the specifics of Upper Cervical Chiropractic here, but in this post, I’m focusing on my personal experience. Dr. Gray says “I need to take an X-Ray because the adjustment will be very specific”. So, fortunately, she has an X-Ray machine in-house so we simply walk across the hall to another room. After the X-Ray, we walk back into her office and I see my results on a big computer screen.

The picture on the left is what a healthy spine is supposed to look like. The picture on the right is my X-Ray. You can see the difference especially at the back of C1 and C2, as well as the difference in the cervical curve. This provided proof and sort of an “Aha” moment for me, “So, that’s where my consistent back pain is coming from!”.

The Mind-Body Connection

Now, I know that Dr. Gray is a chiropractor and believes in holistic medicine and living. And she is very scientific in her approach which is amazing! I don’t know her beliefs on Reiki, or the Akashic Records. But, I do know that she believes in the Mind-Body connection, the idea that our mind can be sort of a map of our body (or vice versa). She has also mentioned the importance of mindfulness.

So, with the Mind-Body connection in ‘mind’, I’m not sure whether my subluxation in my C1 and C2 area of my spine is simply a physical, structural issue resulting from one incident, from every day living in this gravity filled plane- or whether there are also mental-emotional aspects or core wounds that caused me to hunch over and hang my head lower. Or maybe, just maybe it’s a combination of both-> (This is what I hypothesize).


Now, my first adjustment was a bit intense, in a good way! I could feel the cracks. Maybe it even hurt a tiny bit. But a short bit of pain is worth it for the immense relief afterwards.

After the adjustment, Dr. Gray takes her patients the magical healing room- (she doesn’t call it that but I do!)- which is a dark room filled with Zero Gravity reclining chairs. There are even Himalayan salt lamps which make the atmosphere very relaxing. Each patient lies in the chair for 20 minutes and integrates so that the adjustment is beneficial. I, as a Reiki Master and Akashic Records practitioner, love to use this time to open my Akashic Records and give myself Reiki. I feel that this multiplies the healing effects and adds an amazing complement to the chiropractic work that’s being done.

Not every adjustment is the same. Some are more subtle, yet still powerful. During my second adjustment, I was almost going to say “I didn’t feel anything” Because I didn’t feel any cracks. But, I didn’t say anything. Once I got up and got into the Zero Gravity chair, I could tell that something had shifted, and healing had occurred. After each session, I also use my Vida+ CBD products to add to the benefits of my healing. Learn more about the CBD products I use on my website here.


Two weeks and 4 days (and 6 adjustments) later, and I feel like a new human being, with a new body. I feel amazing! I will continue to see Dr. Gray as my regular chiropractic Doctor.

I highly recommend Restore Chiropractic and Dr. Danielle Gray to anyone looking to heal from an injury, or back pain, or to maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle. (I am not being paid to say or write this!) Thank you Dr. Gray, I give you my utmost gratitude and respect.

Visit her website:

Experiencing Breathwork

This morning I attended a workshop at the lovely Healing Arts Collective, a place near and dear to my heart as it’s a place where deep healing occurs for me as well as the clients I work on. I am so grateful for the owners, Adrian and Debora, as well as my fellow practitioners and teachers there.

I am also grateful for Jeff Carreira for inviting me to the workshop and giving an introduction to the workshop. He opened the workshop with a brief silent meditation, which is what he is known for teaching. He explained his philosophy and method towards meditation; there is no method. Just let go, and whatever happens is what is happening. He also mentioned the idea of natural growth. He gave an example, babies turn into toddlers which turn into kids… and so on. Without self-help books or worrying whether their cells will develop correctly. (I still love self-help books). It’s just the natural growth that’s integral to life on this planet. It happens without trying. He also gave the example of a tree. A tree doesn’t have to try. It just grows and heals naturally. If it’s limb gets broken off in the storm, it keeps growing and healing. Unfortunately as humans, we don’t have the capacity to grow back our limbs (yet). But we do have the capacity to heal our emotional wounds and move past them. As Jeff gave this introduction, I was really excited for the possibilities of what might occur for me energetically during the class. He finished by saying that, natural growth will happen for all of us and it helps to remove and blockages that may be blocking or resisting that growth. And as I gave my personal introduction to the class as we all went around and introduced ourselves, I said, “I consider myself a generator, so I’m interested in the idea of natural growth and letting go.” I can still be a generator, as it’s part of my Human Design chart, but I can learn to use that to my advantage. So I am now focusing more on the idea of allowing the growth that feels right, and not pushing myself or being impatient with myself.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.35.15 PM

Going into the class, I figured it might be similar to the breathwork I’ve done previously in yoga classes. I didn’t have a high expectation, which is a good way to be! But I can gladly say that the class exceeded my expectation. Jeff handed the workshop over to Michelle D’Avella to lead the breathwork portion. When she announced that she was from LA, I was very excited because I love California and I could tell she had that laidback LA vibe. She described the breathwork technique that we would be using for the next 45 minutes. A deep breath, half into the belly and half into the chest, then breathe out- all done through the mouth. She prefaced by saying that we might feel tingling in our hands or in our mouths, as this might be a sign of energy that is trying to move but we might be holding on to. She even made slight sounds with the breath. We started by following her guidance, then we could breathe at our own pace. I started to get a bit light-headed, and my mind was giving me some resistance to keep up with the breathing. I really did not think it would be this transformational, but it was! The breath is our life force energy, so it makes sense that moving it so vigorously and intentionally could be a great healing tool. The technique may seem simple, but it takes a good teacher to hold the space for this healing to occur. And Michelle was able to do that in a very compassionate way. She was also like a personal trainer, giving us the positive encouragement to keep up and keep going with the breathing. There were portions were I felt like I needed to take a break, as the emotions and feelings arising were so strong. But as the group kept going it was easier to jump back in.

I could feel some stuck energy in my knees, so I moved around a little bit, as Michelle said we could if we felt we needed to. I was also initially resisting the music, as the lyrics were triggering different emotions to arise in me. And the tears came out. And she comforted us, “It’s ok to cry. Let it out. Crying is where healing happens.” Usually I would expect peaceful music with no lyrics, like in a massage or reiki session. And lately that is most of the music I listen to, and music without lyrics. I think that in the past few years I have not been letting myself cry as much, or feeling like I shouldn’t cry as it may bring others down. But now I realize that crying is extremely healing and I’m thankful to have had that space today to be vulnerable in a group setting. I realized that the music was perfect, as it really was triggering (in a good way) different emotions for different people. Of course, everyone had their own individual experience. But it was also amazing to hear that many people had similar experiences as we shared at the end. 3 or more people said that they could feel their hands vibrating. And one other woman also said her hand felt stuck in a certain position at one point (as was mine). I did have an insight or realization about the deep love that I have for my father. As my hands were shaking, I thought about my father and his Parkinson’s disease. Lately as I see him cope with this disease in his life, I wonder where it came from and ways that he could potentially heal. I know there are many stories of miraculous healings from God and the Divine. But I also believe that many holistic therapies could aid him greatly. I wonder if it could be linked to repressed emotions. Anyway, I know he has to choose to heal himself and I don’t think he realizes that as a possibility. But I will give him unconditional love and support as much as I can.

In my own healing process, I recently released an “entity” that was on my back. And I am still healing that space, and I’ve noticed major changes and occurrences in the past week since that occurred. Some of these occurrences included drama and being lashed out at, and feeling like I am someone’s enemy because of something I did in the past. I had sex with a man, even though I knew he had a girlfriend in a monogamous relationship. Later on, I brought myself to tell the girlfriend, as it must have needed to come out of my subconscious. Of course they broke up. And now, months later, there is still sadness and anger surfacing and being directed towards me. I don’t blame them for this, as much as it hurts me, as blame is only resistance. And I can now accept this and understand this, as breakups really do hurt. They are hurt. I have apologized and I have learned my lesson. And there is nothing I can do now but have compassion for myself, and own my own feelings and pain.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 3.34.56 PM

So, usually when I think of “Heartbreak” I think of times when I was broken up with, or I broke up with a significant other. But in this case, this involvement with this other couple has also affected me. I can’t stifle myself, but I am now practicing being more aware and cautious of who I choose to sleep with. I even knew from the start that something wasn’t right in that situation. But it’s in the past now. And the healing of heartbreak that occurred today and recently, was healing from many different instances that happened in the past. Most likely not just from that one situation. But it’s a paradigm shift that’s helping me get back in touch with my heart and my true feelings. Michelle knew that the hurting energy was coming from my heart and she placed her hands on my shoulders and head which helped me feel better. And today I truly feel that I love myself unconditionally.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 4.58.33 PM


Overall it was a wonderful healing experience and I look forward to doing more Breathwork in the near future!


Love & Light