Sovereign Alliance

When I was traveling in California on my way to Symbiosis Gathering, I met Serah; one of the owners of Sovereign Alliance.

I showed her my Ion Fusion wrist band that I had been wearing in order to give off negative ions around me. Believe it or not, negative ions are good for you, and have a positive affect on the human body. And I believe the wrist band worked, but its noticeable effects were minimal. That’s not to say it doesn’t work, but I could feel that the Sa Ra Key’s energy was a bit stronger.

Serah asked if I was someone that could feel energy, and I said yes. She told me to hold the Sa Ra Key in my hara line, in front of my heart center. I tried standing on one leg while holding nothing, then I tried again while holding the Sa Ra Key. I could feel my balance and strength and awareness improve ten fold.

That is why I have worn my Sa Ra Key every day since coming back home from California. This piece looks beautiful but it’s more than just jewelry. Sovereign Alliance said it best on their web site; “Aligns the Chakras within the Bio-Field while putting the system into synch with the natural rhythm & flow of universal alignment.”


I am an affiliate for Sovereign Alliance, so if you choose to change your life and purchase a Sa Ra Key or a Vivi- Bolt (or anything on their website for that matter), you will also be supporting me!

Follow this link to purchase one of your own!

Victoria’s Sa Ra Key
Sa Ra Key Diagram