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Biosonics Tuning Forks

Biosonics is the most trusted name for high-quality tuning forks and sound healing products.

Healer / Reader Victoria highly recommends Biosonics and is here to help you understand and pick the right tuning fork for your self healing and / or healing work.

You can use tuning forks and sound to experience deep levels of healing by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse and by connecting you to your Authentic Life Rhythm.

Biosonics’ precision-tested tuning forks are easy to learn, simple to use and the healing benefits are miraculous. All BioSonics Tuning Forks are Proudly Made in the USA. 

Explore the world of sound healing with

To find out more information and learn which Tuning Forks are right for you, head over to !

CBD Tips

Want to celebrate 420 in a milder fashion this year?

If you love the calming and soothing effects of the cannabis plant, but don’t necessarily want the psychoactive or “head high” element, then CBD may be a perfect option for you!

CBD or Cannabidiol, is a natural chemical in the Cannabis sativa plant, also known as marijuana or hemp. It’s likely that you’ve heard of CBD by now, as it has been very popular and sort of a trend or a buzz word since it has become widely available here in the USA.

CBD may prove to be an option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Peter Grinspoon, MD
Harvard Health Publishing

But, with the outpouring and abundance of CBD options on the market, it’s important to know that you’re getting high quality broad spectrum hemp extract. And even better if it’s organic, isn’t it.

Some of the low quality CBD products out there may come from low-dose THC cannabis strains which in order to extract CBD use harsh chemical solvents to isolate CBD and thus remove all other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and other essential nutrients and compounds. It’s a good idea to research the main ingredients in any CBD oil product you buy, including the sources of those ingredients when available.

With Vida+, you don’t have to worry about getting something you wouldn’t want to put in your body. This is why we love all of the Vida + products:


Because they have vigorous third party lab testing and organically grown hemp, which you can read about right on their page “Our Standards“.

We have tried and tested all of the Vida+ products ourselves. And currently would like to share the wonderful CBD Skin Cream.

With the pandemic, we are constantly being advised and reminded, (and rightfully so) to wash our hands. And I noticed that this caused my hands to become very dry at times. With regular creams, it seemed like the moisture would last temporarily, but when I started using the Vida+ CBD Cream on my hands it provided a more longer lasting effect for me.

Vida+ uses SoluXome® technology which encapsulates key ingredients for optimal absorption into the skin and also uses Inflacin® technology that helps return skin to it’s baseline state.

VIDA+ CBD Skin Cream 300mg
VIDA+CBD Skin Cream 300mg

HigherDOSE Infrared Mat Endorsed by Goop

The HigherDOSE Infrared Mat is endorsed and featured in this article on At-Home Wellness Routines Featuring Infrared Heat written by Goop.

It’s wonderful to see more people learning about the power of Infrared combined with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology.

Woman sits in cross legged position, with eyes closed, meditating on the Infrared PEMF mat.

If you are sensitive to the energy around you, (like I am), PEMF is a great thing to explore and have in your tool box. If you’re an empath, a HSP (highly sensitive person), or anyone looking for a new way to relax and ease tension from the day, this is a great option.

PEMF is a great complementary therapy with many other wellness programs and modalities. It is good to note though, that there are a few contraindications.

According to Emerald City Family Chiropractic

“PEMF is generally safe for most people — however, there are a few instances where you should not seek out PEMF. If you have a pacemaker, cochlear implant, defibrillator, or if you are pregnant, have blood clots, or are actively bleeding, we suggest you seek out other healthcare options.” –

As always, if you have health concerns, please consult your licensed healthcare provider. We are not claiming that PEMF is meant to treat, fix or diagnose health conditions. Although, there have been various studies that prove PEMFs effectiveness for treating chronic pain and affecting pain threshold. Overall, it can be used for general wellness, as it stimulates and exercises the cells to support the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities. 

How Can Infrared & PEMF Help Me?

PEMF produces a grounding frequency similar to what’s generated by the planet earth. So you can feel the healing benefits of nature right in your own home. PEMF recharges your cells while leaving you relaxed, re-grounded, and rebalanced.

FAR INFRARED HEAT deeply penetrates the body and improves healing, increases circulation, and quiets inflammation.

Whether you deal with chronic pain, workout frequently, or just need a moment to relax, lying on the mat for even a couple of minutes a day (or whenever you need it) will help ease your mind and body from the inside out.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS of the mat include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy
  • Immune support
  • Better sleep
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Ability to meditate deeper
  • Warm up for exercise more quickly
Relaxing on the Mat with an Amethyst Crystal

So, instead of shopping through Goop, take a look in our very own affiliate shop to browse our HigherDOSE products. Yes, my links will take you to the HigherDOSE site and we may earn a commission. So it’s a win-win situation for all!

Cheers to your wellness journey.

xo Victoria

HigherDOSE – Get High Naturally

We recently discovered HigherDOSE, a brand local to New York City, which provides various ways to “Get High Naturally”…

And we are all about that!

We are all about finding ways to feel healthy, balanced and to heal naturally, without any substances.

They have Infrared Sauna Blankets which you will see in the video, as well as Infrared PEMF Mats and their new HigherDOSE Essensual Body Oil! (Which I’m eager to try.)

So, we are going to be writing more on their products soon. Here is a quick video to introduce you!

Check out the HigherDOSE website HERE!



Have I told you that I used to sell sensual toys?

Did you know that I used to run my own business selling sensual toys and products to women?

Well, these days I’m no longer focusing my business (Reiki By Victoria) on that. But I still hold intimate wellness products and education near and dear to my heart!

So that’s why I’m excited to be a part of Bloomi as an investor!

Bloomi is a Sexologist-led marketplace for all things intimacy. As of right now, Friday, January 15th, 2021 at 4:00 PM EST, there are still 10 hours left to invest in Bloomi for those who might be interested. If you’re reading this at a later date, you can still check out the various private companies to invest in on . And, check out Bloomi ‘s great site!

My Favorite Things About Boulder, Colorado

I had the chance to visit Boulder, Colorado on August 3rd, 2020.

1. Naropa University

I had heard of this University years ago, and finally got the chance to visit the grounds. Despite some of the controversy regarding the roots, and history of this University’s founder, I enjoyed my brief walk amongst its grounds. And I think it is worth looking into for students interested in meditation and contemplative education.

Although there weren’t many people there, I enjoyed the beautiful nature and the permaculture greenhouse geodesic dome.

Go to to check them out.

2. Thrive

OMG! While heading to another juice bar on Pearl Street that I had found on Google maps and thought was the place I wanted to have lunch, we stumbled upon a vortex of healing energy and cosmic nourishment called Thrive. Thrive is an all organic, vegan, plant based and raw food restaurant cafe and Boulder’s highest quality organic drive through.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. There is a beautiful garden out front with open seating, so we were able to order our food from the door and the servers brought it out to us while we enjoyed the sun. And my friend had her dog Hunter with us, and they even brought out some water for him. I ordered the Bacun Burger.

Bacun Burger

Protein dense nut and veggie patty including ionic magnesium, fulvic acid, hemp protein, spirulina, and chlorella encased between two cashew and coconut turmeric infused buns. Interwoven with a flavorful cashew-based burger sauce, magnesium mayo, cashew cheeze, dehydrated coconut bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles.

There are lots of good things on their menu, you can go to to check it out!

3. Rasa

Are you looking for a healthy, adaptogenic coffee alternative?… Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The first place I discovered RASA was actually at Golden Buddha Yoga’s Buddha Bar Cafe in Ocean City, New Jersey. Rasa is a Daily Adaptogenic beverage and Coffee Alternative. I honestly had been dealing with some hair loss issues, and wanted to experiment with how quitting or lessening my coffee intake might affect the thickness of the hair on my scalp. ( I am still in the process of experimenting.) I first ordered the Rasa Latte at the Buddha Bar, and I loved the way that they made it sweet with in-house made coconut milk and local CBD honey. Rasa’s home base is in Boulder, Colorado, so there are many stores within the area that also carry Rasa. You can find out more about Rasa here and check out the list of locations that carry Rasa here.


How does CBD Oil make you feel?

I have been experimenting with various types and brands of CBD products and CBD Oil ever since they first started hitting the market in Pennsylvania back in 2016.

I’ve tried some that I liked and that tasted good, but didn’t cause much effect in my body, and I’ve tried some that really did not taste very good at all!

In April of 2020, I was in an online retreat/workshop called Evolution 2020, with the wonderful Bryna Haynes of Manifestation Nation. During the workshop, we focused on manifesting and creating the lives that we desire. During one of my journal prompt sessions; The Biggest Vision I Have For My Life Is… one of the things I wrote down was “I want to have a large infinite supply of high quality CBD.”

Shortly afterwards, through Divine Synchronicity, I became aligned with Phivida Organics, the parent company of Vida+. This happened through networking on LinkedIn. I received my first shipment of the products and fell in love. I love everything from the name of the company, to the design and product packaging. Most importantly the quality of the products also suits my needs and standards when it comes to the ingredients I put into my body.

All of the products are sourced from Organic hemp grown in the USA. And, they are third-party lab tested for quality, purity and potency. So you know you are getting the purity of a pesticide free, organic CBD Oil product. And you know that you are getting a high potency product- containing the exact amount of milligrams written on the package.

I use my Vida+ CBD Oil and capsules for a range of reasons. Sometimes I put a few drops of my CBD Oil in my coffee in the morning, to create a nice blend of focused energy and relaxation. This allows me to get things done without feeling the jittery effects of coffee.

Most often, I take one to two capsules of my Vida+ Regular Capsules (10mg per serving) at night before bed, to help me get deep rest and to rejuvenate my body and my joints before the morning. I also take 1 full serving (1 ml) of my Vida+ Advanced CBD Oil before bed. This adds to the relaxation and the benefits of the capsules.

I can vouch for myself that it works and that there is no morning fog. Of course this is my body, and yours may be different. So the best way to know is to experiment and see for yourself. To explore more Vida+ CBD Oil and other products, follow my link to purchase here.

Yep, that’s me, Victoria!

Will CBD Oil make you feel high?

Because it is non-psychoactive, CBD Oil will not give you the same “high” feeling as recreational cannabis. But… as someone who is sensitive to energy and frequencies, I do feel a lightness of being, and sometimes slight euphoria while taking my CBD Oil. Maybe this is because I know that it’s helping me and that I’m doing something good for my body. And maybe it’s also because of the physical effects within my nervous system . All in all though, there are no psychoactive affects that would cause you to lose control of your normal mental faculties. Just an overall feeling of balance, thanks to the wonderful adaptogen that is CBD Oil.

This Unique Chiropractic Technique Changed My Life!

I have been dealing with back pain for the past 9-10 years. While one thing that significantly shifted my level of pain was my first Akashic Energy Healing experience, I still had some pain, and I went to chiropractors to help relieve the pain and to balance my holistic health care regimen. I have been to various chiropractors, and they have provided some short term relief but they didn’t seem to make a significant lasting impact most of the time.

The Journey Begins

On May 26th, 2020, I had my first appointment at Restore Chiropractic in Wayne, PA. There is something different about Restore Chiropractic- they practice a unique branch of Chiropractic medicine called Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Not only that but from the first moment I met Dr. Danielle Gray, the Chiropractor, I could tell that I resonated with her and that I would benefit from being her patient and learning from her. I can tell she walks her talk because she is very vibrant, healthy and she has a healthy and natural posture!

The first appointment consists of an X-Ray, specifically focused on the Upper Cervical region of the spine. You can read more about the specifics of Upper Cervical Chiropractic here, but in this post, I’m focusing on my personal experience. Dr. Gray says “I need to take an X-Ray because the adjustment will be very specific”. So, fortunately, she has an X-Ray machine in-house so we simply walk across the hall to another room. After the X-Ray, we walk back into her office and I see my results on a big computer screen.

The picture on the left is what a healthy spine is supposed to look like. The picture on the right is my X-Ray. You can see the difference especially at the back of C1 and C2, as well as the difference in the cervical curve. This provided proof and sort of an “Aha” moment for me, “So, that’s where my consistent back pain is coming from!”.

The Mind-Body Connection

Now, I know that Dr. Gray is a chiropractor and believes in holistic medicine and living. And she is very scientific in her approach which is amazing! I don’t know her beliefs on Reiki, or the Akashic Records. But, I do know that she believes in the Mind-Body connection, the idea that our mind can be sort of a map of our body (or vice versa). She has also mentioned the importance of mindfulness.

So, with the Mind-Body connection in ‘mind’, I’m not sure whether my subluxation in my C1 and C2 area of my spine is simply a physical, structural issue resulting from one incident, from every day living in this gravity filled plane- or whether there are also mental-emotional aspects or core wounds that caused me to hunch over and hang my head lower. Or maybe, just maybe it’s a combination of both-> (This is what I hypothesize).


Now, my first adjustment was a bit intense, in a good way! I could feel the cracks. Maybe it even hurt a tiny bit. But a short bit of pain is worth it for the immense relief afterwards.

After the adjustment, Dr. Gray takes her patients the magical healing room- (she doesn’t call it that but I do!)- which is a dark room filled with Zero Gravity reclining chairs. There are even Himalayan salt lamps which make the atmosphere very relaxing. Each patient lies in the chair for 20 minutes and integrates so that the adjustment is beneficial. I, as a Reiki Master and Akashic Records practitioner, love to use this time to open my Akashic Records and give myself Reiki. I feel that this multiplies the healing effects and adds an amazing complement to the chiropractic work that’s being done.

Not every adjustment is the same. Some are more subtle, yet still powerful. During my second adjustment, I was almost going to say “I didn’t feel anything” Because I didn’t feel any cracks. But, I didn’t say anything. Once I got up and got into the Zero Gravity chair, I could tell that something had shifted, and healing had occurred. After each session, I also use my Vida+ CBD products to add to the benefits of my healing. Learn more about the CBD products I use on my website here.


Two weeks and 4 days (and 6 adjustments) later, and I feel like a new human being, with a new body. I feel amazing! I will continue to see Dr. Gray as my regular chiropractic Doctor.

I highly recommend Restore Chiropractic and Dr. Danielle Gray to anyone looking to heal from an injury, or back pain, or to maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle. (I am not being paid to say or write this!) Thank you Dr. Gray, I give you my utmost gratitude and respect.

Visit her website:

528 Hz Sound Alchemy

Are you interested in Sound Healing?
Are you looking for holistic ways to restore harmony and balance in your bio-energy field?

Have you heard of 528 Hz?
Experience the sound and frequency by watching this video! 🐬

I will be hosting a Zoom workshop on 5/28 (Thursday)-> Where we will explore and dive deeper into the frequency of 528 Hz.
There will be Sound Meditation, and experimentation on how to use and play with this frequency.

Comment 528 below if interested!

Healing vibrations I send to you ^.^

The Akashic Records Project

April 20th – May 29th
The Akashic Records Project

My aim is to do 30 Akashic Records Readings to gain experience in this particular skill, and to spread the LOVE!

Starting next Monday, I will do one session per weekday (M-F), a different person each day. (One Free session per person).

They are completely FREE!

But I do ask that you either video record or write a quick review/testimonial afterward.

If you are interested but would like to know more about the Akashic Records, send me a message with any questions.

Schedule with me here: