Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

I will admit that I’m no expert on the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. But what I do know is that every one of us has our own divine feminine and divine masculine energies within. Lately I have been carrying around my black tourmaline and my small selenite stick, sometimes one in each hand, sometimes resting them on top of each other. selenite-and-black-tourmaline

I also recently discovered the Non-Traditional Reiki Symbol Ran Sei while reading the book Claiming Your Inner Gifts by Marnie Vincolisi. I am still gaining familiarity with this symbol, but one of the things that the symbol can be used for is balancing masculine and feminine energies within. I experimented by giving myself a session with the symbol and the intention of balancing my own masculine and feminine energies and felt it to be a good tool. It looks similar to the symbol “Long Say”, but it’s a bit different. Other than that, I have also been loving the energy of Dai Ko Myo. I am very excited to take the Reiki Master Instructor class so that I can learn how to pass attunements.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.44.47 PM

I also attended a Yinyasa yoga class last night at Amrita Yoga & Wellness in Fishtown, Philadelphia. I felt amazing after the class, and I would love to attend more Yin style yoga classes in the future. Last week, my Qigong teacher was mentioning how he thinks Yin yoga is becoming so popular because we really need a break from the fast moving life style of our current society. He also said that he knows the originator of Yin Yoga! I thought that was pretty cool. Even though Reiki is an abundant, infinite source, I am interested in building up my own personal “Chi”. I think this will help me to become a stronger and more energetic person, as well as helping more people during reiki sessions.

In other exciting news, two new people came into my life and I really like both of them (a man and a woman). I love hanging out with them, but I also like to have my alone time. I was worried that they would think I was a unicorn or even a “hot bi babe”. I do understand that they started dating before I came into the mix and want to respect their relationship to each other. But so far, things have been working out naturally. The lady and I even got to go to dinner at the restaurant where the man works, and had him as our server of a delicious feast. Life felt pretty magical in that moment. Or as the beautiful lady would say, “The Universe loves us!” (Then I escaped to have some alone time at the Yinyasa yoga class).

And for the last bit of exciting news, here is my music video debut! I also feel that the Panda aesthetic of the music video goes along with the theme of this whole post.

Link of the Day: Michelle Tea & RADAR Productions

Despite NPR’s negative review of the book “How to Grow Up” by Michelle Tea, I’m actually gaining a lot of pleasure and insight from reading this book. Even if the lessons that she spells out seem to be quite obvious, I still feel the solidarity, like I’m not the only one who’s going to make those mistakes. Also, this book has been my first introduction to Michelle Tea as an author and role model. Yes, she has had a rough past, but that only makes me envy and respect her more.

“I was charmed by her sweetness and confidence. She absolutely did not have that thing that usually drew me to the people I dated, the dark cloud I’d mistaken as deep or sexy for so long.”- Michelle wrote in the chapter Beware of Sex and Other Rules for Love. Coming from an experienced queer lady who has experimented with many different types of relationships, the anecdote has affected my perspective. I’m going through a relationship transition right now, and the story really makes me think about what I want in a relationship (or whether I even want to be in a relationship at this age/ stage in my life). I’ve found myself attracted to that dark cloud of depression over my lover for the past few months, but I realize it may be time to let go of that for a little bit at least. I only hope that the seed of self-healing I’ve planted in the man with the dark cloud is starting to sprout. Also, I notice that he may not be the only one suffering. In following the dark cloud I may have created more suffering for myself than I needed to. I am not putting myself above him by any means, but I’m realizing that the distance may be healthy for me.

Anyway, I did not mean to say that Michelle Tea is old- she is much more young spirited than many people I know. But I do feel that she is very relatable. I know, I know, my Creative Writing professor always used to say “relatable” is such an over-used word, but I can’t think of a better synonym.

I’m just discovering RADAR Productions; Michelle’s non-profit organization. It seems like a great organization, housing things from a publishing imprint to a writing lab/ workshop and a poetry reading series. I’ll be doing some more browsing on the RADAR site in the future, and I hope to meet Michelle Tea one day and have her sign my chest.