Link of the Day: Radical Honesty

The kind of lying that is most deadly is withholding” – Brad Blanton, Radical Honesty

After doing a homework assignment on Google and its business structure, I learned a little bit about the way Google search works. The algorithm favors pages based on the amount of times they have been linked to by other pages. This is a way to weed out spam and prove that the linked pages are of importance to other internet users.

I am constantly growing my self, my image, my mind and ethics based on other people’s ideas and philosophies. And I don’t think of that as a bad thing. As long as I give mention to those that strongly influence me. I thought of posting a Link of the Day as an easy way to explain where a lot of my ideas come from. In addition, maybe this will help spread the influential ideas and people that I think are useful or interesting.  Continue reading “Link of the Day: Radical Honesty”