OM (Orgasmic Meditation); Awaken Wellness Fair; & the Gold Kollar Klub

When I went to the Intro to OM (Orgasmic Meditation) course on Saturday, January 16th, one of the major topics was vulnerability.

On Sunday night (January 17th) at Coda, I saw two of my peers from the Music Industry program at Drexel. One asked us “How have you been?” My co-worker Despina replied “working here, and going to Temple”. I replied, “Working here, and doing a lot of reiki”. I said it with a smile and didn’t mention my fears or admit that I have no clue what I’m doing. Well I do have a “clue” but I don’t have it ALL figured out. So I want to work on being vulnerable and revealing my areas where I need help. Who knows, maybe that person may have advice or a connection that may help me, or be able to relate with their own vulnerability.



Today, Wednesday, January 27th more things are coming together and I accepted a new job as a Patron Services Associate at Ticket Philadelphia! They’re a ticketing company that provides ticketing solutions for many nonprofit and cultural arts organizations throughout our area; including all of the events at The Kimmel Center, The Philadelphia Orchestra and Longwood Gardens.  So, even though Ticket Philadelphia doesn’t work with the type of music I normally listen to or attend live, I am still very excited to be a part of a ticketing agency and heading back in the direction of the entertainment industry. I’m also excited for the upcoming Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts 2016 (PIFA). Although I won’t be involved in planning it, I may have the chance to score some tickets to events for free. And I still work at Coda on the weekends, so that is my outlet for listening to music from the 21st century. Not that I don’t like the music associated with Ticket Philadelphia, but I think it will be nice to have some variety.

And at the end of my interview for Ticket Philadelphia, the training manager asked; “What is reiki?” I went on to give my usual description, “It’s kind of like acupuncture without the needles…”  ((What do you all think about this description of reiki? Comment below for ideas or suggestions)). Anyway, I was glad that I was able to talk about my outside passions and explain why I was looking for a part time job. During the music video shoot with Jsiadi Noon, he told me he was a member of the “Gold Kollar Klub”. I asked what it was and he explained that it’s not blue collar, nor white collar but GOLD. It’s about working to make money to support yourself while also pursuing passions and dreams. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. Never giving up on dreams! I don’t think I will have a problem with that… PS, I’m doing another photoshoot tonight with yoga as the theme! I’m looking forward to having fun and being active and creative at the same time.

This morning my dad was extremely nice to take me to Walmart before work to help me purchase a camping cot. We ended up getting the Rio Adventures 1 piece Military Cot. I will be using this as a treatment table for reiki sessions this weekend at the Awaken Wellness Fair! Event though I waited until a few days before the event to start making sure I had everything prepared, my dad came to the rescue and encouraged me to finish getting prepared as soon as possible. I now have a cot and I’m going to use it instead of a massage table because it is a lot lighter to transport. Since I will mostly be doing reiki and sound healing in the near future, there is no need for a massage table since I am not trained in massage (yet). And in Japan, not everyone uses massage tables anyway, so a cot might be a unique alternative to a massage table. I will experiment with this and let you know how it goes!

Reiki for World Peace

Victoria’s Indiegogo Campaign to become a Reiki Master Healer

Reiki is gentle practice that involves the laying of hands on the body in order to promote peace, stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Reiki can be translated to “life force energy”. When our life force energy is high, we are more likely to be happy and healthy!


This campaign is important to me because I would like to create peace and well being on this planet. By becoming a Reiki Master, I can offer healing services to family and friends and people in Philadelphia and even around the world. My dream is to create more peace in the world, and Reiki can help to further that dream by helping one person at a time. After all, we are all connected.

Although Reiki is a practice that involves “universal life force energy”, each Reiki healer brings a different feel to their practice and sessions. As a Reiki healer, I hope to help people to become the greatest versions of themselves and live life to the fullest. In the future, I plan to take courses in Reiki Sound Healing and incorporate my love for music into my Reiki practice.
My campaign is unique because by donating $20, you can receive a 15 minute distance healing session.

Victoria’s Indiegogo Campaign to become a Reiki Master Healer

Healing Myself after a Breakup


I just wanted to mention something about the breakup that I am processing. I know that it was my doing. I told my significant other that I wanted to be single because I knew it would be better for me in my current life situation.

I decided to consult the MsgAngels app about a “Situation or Concern”

When it came to the Hidden Influences card, I drew the angel Sonya:

“I bring you a message from your deceased loved one: ‘I am happy, at peace, and I love you very much. Please don’t worry about me.”

My grandfather Kushnerick has been coming into my thoughts a lot lately, as he was one of my main academic influences as a child. He was the person that taught me how to read and write, I remember it distinctly, using a yellow notepad and pens. I’m sure that other people helped, but he must’ve had a great influence on me since I remember it so well. I’ve been thinking about him and what he would think of me today in the world; would he approve of me? would he be proud of me as I’m about to graduate college?

The Sonya card goes on:

“Your heart has been heavy with grief, and I am here to reassure you. I am a guardian angel to your deceased loved one, and I want you to know that there is no reason for you to worry. Your loved one is very happy and has adjusted to the transition very well. There is no anger or upset directed toward you, only love and understanding. You have done nothing wrong, dear one, so please don’t blame yourself in any way. You did everything that you could, and your loved one has asked me to share this appreciation with you”

At this point I began to realize that the card was answering what I initially asked about  when it comes to my current situation or concern. Maybe my grandfather still factors into the situation somehow, but who knows. Over the past week I’ve been thinking and/or worrying daily about my “ex-lover”. I wondered if I made the right choice, doubted myself, felt alone, worried whether he would be ok or not and hoped that he would be handling the situation positively and healing. Even though the card was talking about a deceased loved one, I also accepted that the advice might be helping me process my breakup situation. Telling me that my ex-lover is not angry at me.

“You and your loved one still share great love between your souls. That love could never die! Although you miss your loved one’s physical presence, you have already connected spiritually in your dreams; as well as through feeling, hearing, smelling or seeing your loved one’s essence. Your loved one is as alive as you are- even more alive in many ways. Relieved of Earthly cares or bodily pains, your loved one is freer and happier than ever. As soon as you complete your life’s purpose and it is your time to make the transition, you will be reunited in each other’s arms. In the meantime, please know that your loved one is with you often, and that the angels surround you continuously.”

Although my ex-lover is not dead, his physical presence has disappeared from my life and I have missed it over the past week. This last paragraph has helped me understand and reassure my feelings about the love that we once shared. It was very strong, and I still have that love stored somewhere deep in my heart. “That love could never die!” I still question that statement because if we broke up, then how is that statement true…. but honestly it is the way that I like to deal with my breakups. A compassionate way, knowing that once I’ve loved someone, I will always love them in a special way even if we aren’t “dating” in the current physical world. So far I can say that I feel like I’ve truly loved two of the people I have dated. For the others I have dated, I still wished them luck and happiness when we parted. The other reason I felt that the card resonated with me was because it mentioned “Although you miss your loved one’s physical presence, you have already connected spiritually in your dreams.” I had a vivid dream that involved my ex-lover last night. I won’t give all of the details, but I had not remembered many dreams that included him in the past. Although the dream wasn’t all peace and love, it also wasn’t a night mare, so that’s a good sign that we’re somewhere in the middle and hopefully we are both healing.

The app was created by Doreen Virtue. I am not religious, (although I was raised as a Christian). I know it’s important not to be extremely gullible or naive and to not believe everything I hear. But I also believe that if something helps me feel better (in a non-intrusive way) then it’s ok for me to put some good faith into it. Even if it’s sort of like a placebo effect.

Here is Doreen’s website: