My Favorite Things About Boulder, Colorado

I had the chance to visit Boulder, Colorado on August 3rd, 2020.

1. Naropa University

I had heard of this University years ago, and finally got the chance to visit the grounds. Despite some of the controversy regarding the roots, and history of this University’s founder, I enjoyed my brief walk amongst its grounds. And I think it is worth looking into for students interested in meditation and contemplative education.

Although there weren’t many people there, I enjoyed the beautiful nature and the permaculture greenhouse geodesic dome.

Go to to check them out.

2. Thrive

OMG! While heading to another juice bar on Pearl Street that I had found on Google maps and thought was the place I wanted to have lunch, we stumbled upon a vortex of healing energy and cosmic nourishment called Thrive. Thrive is an all organic, vegan, plant based and raw food restaurant cafe and Boulder’s highest quality organic drive through.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. There is a beautiful garden out front with open seating, so we were able to order our food from the door and the servers brought it out to us while we enjoyed the sun. And my friend had her dog Hunter with us, and they even brought out some water for him. I ordered the Bacun Burger.

Bacun Burger

Protein dense nut and veggie patty including ionic magnesium, fulvic acid, hemp protein, spirulina, and chlorella encased between two cashew and coconut turmeric infused buns. Interwoven with a flavorful cashew-based burger sauce, magnesium mayo, cashew cheeze, dehydrated coconut bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles.

There are lots of good things on their menu, you can go to to check it out!

3. Rasa

Are you looking for a healthy, adaptogenic coffee alternative?… Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The first place I discovered RASA was actually at Golden Buddha Yoga’s Buddha Bar Cafe in Ocean City, New Jersey. Rasa is a Daily Adaptogenic beverage and Coffee Alternative. I honestly had been dealing with some hair loss issues, and wanted to experiment with how quitting or lessening my coffee intake might affect the thickness of the hair on my scalp. ( I am still in the process of experimenting.) I first ordered the Rasa Latte at the Buddha Bar, and I loved the way that they made it sweet with in-house made coconut milk and local CBD honey. Rasa’s home base is in Boulder, Colorado, so there are many stores within the area that also carry Rasa. You can find out more about Rasa here and check out the list of locations that carry Rasa here.

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