If you’re like me, you probably have some fears and concerns about the new 5G cell networks that are currently installed across the United States and being installed as we speak. And maybe you are looking for some solutions and ways to protect yourself from 5G.

I recently came home after living in a foreign country, Myanmar. While I was there, I was sort of living in a paradise where I didn’t have to worry about this seemingly impending doom of 5G (just yet).

I was speaking to my friend the other day and he mentioned, “Victoria, all of this worrying about 5G may very well weaken your immune system more than the actual 5G!— That being said, I want to acknowledge you for sharing your truth and your feelings and how it’s affecting you”. He went on to agree, that taking steps to mitigate or protect myself from 5G would also be a great action step. And on top of the real benefits it would provide for my health and my energy field, it would also give me peace of mind. So then I could release the fear and worry, and in turn, strengthen my immune system.

So here are 3 Wonderful / Powerful Ways to Protect Yourself From 5G


Sovereign Alliance, based in California, provides high-vibe jewelry & EMF Tools which we all need right now! Through turbulent times, these powerful products have helped to create smooth sailing for me. With Ancient Wisdom and Modern Design, the products are high quality. I will share two of my favorites here:

Sa-Ra-Key – The Modern Ankh

Aligns the Chakras within the Bio-Field while putting the system into synch with the natural rhythm & flow of universal alignment.

EMF Transmutation is just one of the many benefits and blessings of owning a Sa Ra Key.

I have had my Sa Ra Key since 2015 and I have loved every minute of it! It’s a unique and beautiful pendant that gives me confidence every time I wear it. I feel it’s potent and powerful energy and EMF Transmutation abilities. It’s also a great conversation starter, especially if you wish to attract like minded “Awakened Ones”. To read more about my experience with the Sa Ra Key, read on here.

ZERVANA Holograms

Zervana uses sacred geometry embedded within a  Hologram, creating a  Biophotonic field to counteract the waves of detrimental Electromagnetic pollution.”

To learn more about Sovereign Alliance visit the website!

2. FLFEFocused Life Force Energy

The makers of this technology had been working with an inventor who had devoted his life to creating Free Energy for humanity (think Tesla energy).

“Although he did not create a free energy device, He had discovered a way to re-direct and focus large amounts of life force energy (also known as subtle energy) on an object.”

Now, FLFE uses proprietary technology to raise consciousness around the world and direct this Focused Life Force Energy towards the cell phones, homes, and properties of subscribers as well as certain locations around the world that they donate energy to as Service Projects. They have two free trials, and various subscription plans, including one called SMARTER EMF. What I Love About Them:

Plans are super affordable, with the Smarter EMF plan subscription at $15 per month!


Quantum Sound Therapy provides Quantum Sound Technology that reveals the solution to stress & overwhelm.

I’ve had the chance to jump on their Free group calls a few times with Quantum Healing Intuitive, Helena Reilly. She is a wonderful guide and teacher and leads these beautiful, blissful Quantum hypnotherapy meditations.

Some of the most efficient 5G protection products they have available are called The Quantum OmPocket, The Quantum Tesla iQube and, The Quantum Miracle iQube. By the sounds of them you can already tell that they are next-level brilliant. These personal machines use Scalar energy uplift your environment and provide powerful protection from EMFs.

I can’t express my own experience with these products, as I’ve yet to purchase and try one first hand. Although the products may seem a bit pricey, they feel like a worthy investment.

Helena’s energy speaks to the effects of the products. I can tell that she lives in; and has created a wonderful vibrational atmosphere and reality around her.

Have you ever looked at a cell tower and felt feelings of anger, fear, or not wanting to live in this country (because of 5G)? Well those are some of the feelings I had felt. On the other hand, I own and use a cell phone everyday! And, I am all for innovation and progress in technology. BUT as a Reiki Master and someone that is sensitive to subtle energy, I had good reason to be concerned.

With something that is inevitable like 5G, I realize the best thing to do now is to adapt. With the help of these tools I am now shifting my mindset, consciousness and energy around. While it’s good to stay vigilant, I am now easing up. I actually looked at a cell tower the other day and had Zero thoughts of fear or any particular thoughts about it in that moment.

So, take a deep breath with me! Choose to let Love lead. And continue finding ways to support optimal health through frequency!


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