March into the Light!

I welcome March with Ease and Grace! I feel the infinite abundance, joy, and LUCK that is flowing in the air/ether now. I am open to this beautiful frequency!🍀Thank you God for this for me!

I am also excited to tell you about the upcoming Psychic & Healing Expo in Cherry Hill, NJ on March 25th! I will be there offering Reiki & Sound Healing sessions, and also giving a live experience at 1:30 PM entitled Raise Your Vibration With Reiki & Sound 🤩💓Come on out and see me, and the other amazing healers, readers, vendors and lectures!

💚🍀There is also an opportunity to WIN one of 7 valuable prizes from expo exhibitors.💚🍀 One of the prizes is from Lynn Rene MacDonald, who I recently had a reading with. She is an amazing Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher!!

Psychic & Healing Expo Contest Image

2018 is the Year of Abundance for me, and it can be for you too!

I know there can be so much to sift through on the internet these days, so I want to provide real Truth and experience from my heart to yours. I want to catch up and get back into writing from the space of freedom, vulnerability and no holding back that I used to. Even if the right 3 people read this, and feel positively affected or connected, that will be a step in the right direction. Or if 20 people read it, all the better!


So, I love to share my own healing journey and what I’ve discovered in the world of metaphysical, magical, new age spirituality, and alternative, holistic medicine. To me, it is all related and all a part of my own integrated journey. I met a man that I was very attracted to, and I did love him. After he said he just wanted to be friends, I felt very upset and “heartbroken”. But I soon realized this was an opportunity for major healing! An opportunity to become more whole and love me more. I actually felt some physical pain in my neck and shoulders from this instance, which he was actually able to pick up on because he is empathic too. Luckily, he was willing to help me to let go and release this pain and these thoughts of him from my energy field, by helping me to transmute it with the violet flame. At the time it felt hard, but looking back, I am really grateful for him being an amazing soul. It’s not like I didn’t still think of him after that, but I was definitely able to let go of the immediate pain & suffering.

I have also been grateful for the rise of Ecstatic Dance here in Philly. It is a great opportunity for healing through conscious dance practice. I will admit, I had a few fears the first time I went, and even the second. The space provided is intended to be and truly feels judgment free. But still, thoughts crept in about how will I move my body and what will people think of me. Anyway, it is an ongoing practice and I’m so grateful for it!

I was also very blessed to attend the Ancient Voices retreat in Hawaii in February with Aya Iwasaki and Ayla Nereo. We spent so many days “leaning into our edges” and doing things that may scare us but feel good immediately after, like singing our name into a circle of 40+ people! My intention for opening up my voice and singing is to use it for healing. The retreat definitely helped me with that intention! Just Wednesday night, I used a tuning fork and toned the chakra sounds with a client. I will write more about this soon! But for now, I am very grateful for the boost and experience I have had from this retreat!

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