Kambo Healing Experience

My first Kambo session was amazing. The session I did was located at 8th Chakra Yoga Studio in Santa Ana, California. The ceremony was hosted by KamboHealingMe, and the practitioners Scott and Alex were brilliant at what they did. I felt so loved and cared for. I received all of the help and guidance that I felt like I needed. So you might be wondering, why did Victoria sign up to try a medicine that comes from the back of a frog in the Amazon. One of the answers is that I have always loved frogs and they were one of my favorite animals as a child, So I felt very called to try this medicine. I also love the idea of holistic healing through sacred medicines, and I believe in the tremendous power that they hold.

My intentions for healing which I stated in the ceremony were:

-Speak my truth and be myself.

-Teach Reiki.

-Heal my relationship with money and become debt free.

-Heal my sty.

So here is what the experience felt like. The kambo burns did not really hurt that much. Just a little prick feeling. Then they put the kambo, which is in a liquid form on there to be absorbed into the body. The practitioner said “Find your meditation, Align your chakras, Send love and gratitude to the medicine. Focus on your intention. Think about how it affects the lives of others.” So I did. I really connected to thinking about my Dad. And praying for healing for him. But I know that I can only heal myself, and maybe it can affect him through symbiosis. And being brave. I felt the warmth and heat come all over my body. I felt like I was being lifted. I felt the heat in my ear canals and around my ears. I had the thought “I give my life to God & And I surrender” But I was still having a hard time purging. It’s almost like I thought I would disturb others by doing so, even though everyone else had done it. I felt like I wanted to escape and go to the bathroom to poop it out. I asked one of the facilitators “Am I supposed to throw up?” He said, “95% of people do, Otherwise you poop it out.” One of the facilitators came over to me and said: “Let it out.” He said, “you can make yourself throw up if you need to.” He motioned his hands to his mouth in the way that you would make yourself gag. As I saw him do this I could feel the purge coming and ready to be released. The throw up came out! It was amazing and beautiful. Then I received Sananga. Scott said “It helps to heal any eye issues, Vision, Cataracs, And even a sty. The eyes are the window to your soul. ” So I laid on my back and they put it in my eyes. I squirmed a lot. This part felt a bit even more intense. I scrunched up but Alex and Scott came over and both helped me. I realized when I went out of my mind and stopped thinking so much I could surrender to this medicine. I saw and felt the color purple. My body was also shaking a lot. Especially my legs. But when I stopped resisting I stopped shaking. And eventually, within a few minutes, the intensity passed and I felt the healing and integration and calmness.

After we all came back from being in the medicine, Scott said “You basically just had surgery, so be gentle and notice what you consume; What you watch, listen to and thoughts you have. Challenge yourself to no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no spicy food, no sex, and no drugs for at least 3 days.

The day after my first kambo session I did feel a bit tired and drained. I tried to replenish myself with healthy food and water. Then the day after that I felt extremely energized and healthy. I could feel myself craving only healthy foods and not craving other foods I used to eat like sugar or caffeine. I felt so energized upon waking up that I didn’t need caffeine. This burst of pure energy lasted for a week or so. But I still feel the healing benefits and true change from the experience. They recommend to do 3 sessions within one moon cycle, but I was only able to do one. I hope to do more within the next year. As for my intentions, I feel like it definitely helped to clear out my system so that I could be more in touch with my own intuition and manifesting skills. It works more on the physical level and is less psychoactive, although it was still a very spiritual experience for me. I could definitely feel that it helped to heal my stye. And it definitely empowered me with Reiki, as I went on to give Holy Fire Reiki to someone that was in the ceremony with me, directly afterward!

Thank you, Kambo Spirit. I love you! I highly recommend Kambo to anyone who wishes to purify their energy and body, mind and soul. Check out the KamboHealingMe website here!  If you have any comments, insights or questions, I would love to hear your comments below!


March into the Light!

I welcome March with Ease and Grace! I feel the infinite abundance, joy, and LUCK that is flowing in the air/ether now. I am open to this beautiful frequency!🍀Thank you God for this for me!

I am also excited to tell you about the upcoming Psychic & Healing Expo in Cherry Hill, NJ on March 25th! I will be there offering Reiki & Sound Healing sessions, and also giving a live experience at 1:30 PM entitled Raise Your Vibration With Reiki & Sound 🤩💓Come on out and see me, and the other amazing healers, readers, vendors and lectures!

💚🍀There is also an opportunity to WIN one of 7 valuable prizes from expo exhibitors.💚🍀 One of the prizes is from Lynn Rene MacDonald, who I recently had a reading with. She is an amazing Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher!!

Psychic & Healing Expo Contest Image

2018 is the Year of Abundance for me, and it can be for you too!

I know there can be so much to sift through on the internet these days, so I want to provide real Truth and experience from my heart to yours. I want to catch up and get back into writing from the space of freedom, vulnerability and no holding back that I used to. Even if the right 3 people read this, and feel positively affected or connected, that will be a step in the right direction. Or if 20 people read it, all the better!


So, I love to share my own healing journey and what I’ve discovered in the world of metaphysical, magical, new age spirituality, and alternative, holistic medicine. To me, it is all related and all a part of my own integrated journey. I met a man that I was very attracted to, and I did love him. After he said he just wanted to be friends, I felt very upset and “heartbroken”. But I soon realized this was an opportunity for major healing! An opportunity to become more whole and love me more. I actually felt some physical pain in my neck and shoulders from this instance, which he was actually able to pick up on because he is empathic too. Luckily, he was willing to help me to let go and release this pain and these thoughts of him from my energy field, by helping me to transmute it with the violet flame. At the time it felt hard, but looking back, I am really grateful for him being an amazing soul. It’s not like I didn’t still think of him after that, but I was definitely able to let go of the immediate pain & suffering.

I have also been grateful for the rise of Ecstatic Dance here in Philly. It is a great opportunity for healing through conscious dance practice. I will admit, I had a few fears the first time I went, and even the second. The space provided is intended to be and truly feels judgment free. But still, thoughts crept in about how will I move my body and what will people think of me. Anyway, it is an ongoing practice and I’m so grateful for it!

I was also very blessed to attend the Ancient Voices retreat in Hawaii in February with Aya Iwasaki and Ayla Nereo. We spent so many days “leaning into our edges” and doing things that may scare us but feel good immediately after, like singing our name into a circle of 40+ people! My intention for opening up my voice and singing is to use it for healing. The retreat definitely helped me with that intention! Just Wednesday night, I used a tuning fork and toned the chakra sounds with a client. I will write more about this soon! But for now, I am very grateful for the boost and experience I have had from this retreat!