New Moon in Leo; Radical Self-Expression

Hello & Happy New Moon in Leo Everyone!

My name is Victoria and I am excited to continue my journey here on Mother Earth.
I am from Media, PA, and I have also lived in Philadelphia, PA. I also love to travel and one of my favorite places to travel to is California. I hope to move to the SF Bay Area within the next year as there are two Sound Healing schools I am interested in. ( CIIS Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Certificate Program & Globe Institute – Sound and Consciousness Program)

I am an Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher & Sound Healer and I practice at two locations in Philadelphia. Reiki By Victoria is my facebook page. I also am practicing my skills for doing Readings and Healing in the Akashic Records. I was grateful to give a presentation called How To Raise Your Vibration with Reiki and Sound at a festival called Gratitude Migration last weekend.

I am also very interested in Sacred Plant Medicines, and the potential for using Psychedelic Medicines in Psychotherapy. I attended the Psychedelic Science Conference hosted by MAPS in Oakland in April.

I have always been inspired to help the world and aim for world peace. My hometown, Media, PA is “America’s First Fair Trade Town”, so in high school, I was a part of the town’s Fair Trade Committee and also worked to make my high school meet the requirements to become a Fair Trade High School. I went to Drexel University to study Music Industry, and when I was a senior, I received my first Akashic healing and began to learn Reiki. I started to realize that in order to heal the world we must first heal ourselves.
But of course, I am still interested in being a conscious consumer and possibly joining these two aspects of my work together. I am interested in B Corporations and becoming an Impact Investor. I currently use the apps Acorns and Stash to Invest.
I am also currently searching for a new job to help support me as I continue to grow my own healing practice. All within the new paradigm of ease, pleasure, and flow.

My goals are to change/heal and improve my relationship with money. I am very inspired by Jillian Anderson because I also used to and maybe do still have a few inner conflicts about having money and being spiritual. I want to be financially abundant and stable so that I can live independently. My vision for myself is to become a well-known and well-respected expert in the field of Sound Healing. I will be creating recordings and videos and live therapeutic sound healing performances.

Thank you for being alive on the planet with me!

Victoria Kae Powell


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