Does it matter what you think about while giving reiki?

I just watched this video and I agree with mostly everything that the video recommends!

The one part that I questioned was; “If other thoughts come up, simply brush them aside, bringing attention back to the Reiki energy.”

During my Level 1 class, my teacher said not to worry if you start to daydream or if your mind wanders during a session. He said that sometimes these can be the best sessions! My other teacher has said that it’s fine if your mind wanders, as long as you’re not thinking “I wish I wasn’t giving reiki right now” or something along those lines.

I find that when I am giving a reiki session, I will usually have thoughts about my own personal life. Sometimes my general outlook on life and my current circumstances will improve while I am giving. But I also think that I am keeping a certain level of awareness towards the fact that I am giving reiki, and intending reiki to flow. When I start thinking too much I do try to let go of those types of controlling or worrisome thoughts and refocus on the present moment. I usually find that the distance reiki symbol (HSZSN) helps me with this.

The other important thing to note is that thoughts and intentions do affect physical matter. This has been proven by the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He passed away in 2014 but his research and inspiration live on. More information can be found on his website:


With all of this proof, it seems that thoughts and visualizations may be able to affect a client during a reiki session if they are directed strongly enough. So I do agree with the video that focusing on reiki does help increase the effectiveness of a session. But as I continue to practice being able to clear my mind and meditate and visualize, I know that there’s no need to worry about thoughts popping up, or letting my mind wander during a session.

So fellow reiki practitioners, what do you think? Does it matter what you think about while giving reiki? What has been your experience?

2 thoughts on “Does it matter what you think about while giving reiki?

  1. I love that you are considering this, Victoria! I have thought about it a lot myself over the years. There have been a few times when I have found my mind wandering elsewhere throughout a session, and yet the client has had a wonderful experience. Other times, I am focused and actively visualizing during the session. What I have found is that a wandering mind in itself is a not a problem, after all, our minds always wander! It is what kind of thoughts we are having.
    If we are stuck in a negative thought pattern, whether or not it relates to the Reiki session, I believe that the energy of that does affect the client’s experience. Like you mentioned, we wouldn’t want to be thinking “I wish I weren’t giving Reiki right now,” but it also is probably not the best idea to give Reiki when we are worried or upset about something in our lives if we are unable to set it aside while we work.
    Therefore, I think that a mind wandering to what we are having for dinner that night is completely natural, but approaching a session when we are working through our own gunk may lower the vibration slightly. Either way, however, we can do no harm 🙂
    Finally, while a wandering mind engaging in light-hearted thoughts (What’s for dinner?) should not impede the energy flowing to the client, I do think that when we are 100% engaged, the session can be the most beneficial to us as a practitioner. I find that when I am completely focused during a session, I receive almost as much healing as my client! It can be a beautiful meditation when we tune in.

    These are my thoughts; thanks for starting the discussion!


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