Does stress = Full time job?

3 Steps to Be Ambitious and Still Have Inner Peace

It’s so funny because last night I was just thinking about how to continue supporting myself while following my dreams. I could exist and ‘get by’ on a tiny budget, maybe working gigs here and there. I resisted the notion of getting a full time job because that would be time spent working to build someone else’s dream. I also wondered, how in the midst of all of this, to be true to my spiritual path, lead a stress free life, and be a beacon of light for myself as well as my clients. But I’m now realizing that stress does not necessarily equate to a full time job…

Especially if I can work for a company that is aligned with my life purpose, and I can stop struggling to be someone I am not! Aka. hiding the fact that my main passion is to run my own business in the future, or having to censor myself in fear of being a New Age woo woo weirdo. Therefore, I am applying to work for Marie Forleo! And if that doesn’t work out #HugTheMoment! Move with the flow of what is the next best step to take or option available. Of course I know how to “censor myself” when speaking to a customer, but being able to be myself completely in daily life is the idea.

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Shoot for the Stars and if you fall you’ll land on a cloud!

2 thoughts on “Does stress = Full time job?

  1. Hi Tori, not sure why I feel this way but I truly believe you are on the path to a healing business of your own design! It will happen, hold on to your dream! Be at peace on your path. Beth Ps we are coming to PA for Mom’s 90th birthday Nov 22 – not sure about Thanksgiving- but it would be great to connect with you.


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