Alcohol~A family favorite

As I am thinking about getting ready to go to a family wedding tomorrow evening, I am very excited to get dressed up, spend time with family, and eat nice vegan food that my Aunt was nice enough to request for me. But I am worried that I will be tempted to drink alcohol. As I am on the path of raising my vibration, I know that alcohol usually does just the opposite. But sometimes when it comes to dancing or awkward family situations, alcohol makes me feel “less shy”.

I am also going to Burning Man soon (my first time), and I know there will be many party favors! I’m excited, to be doing reiki on the playa for 4 hours everyday, but worried about whether having a drink or two will make me less of a clear channel for reiki. Of course there will be many other great indulgences there, like cacao, and I will bring my own kava. And maybe the energy will be so great that I don’t feel like I need alcohol.

I came across Rebecca Campbell’s website and saw a page called “Instant Guidance” so I decided to ask something along the lines of “should I drink alcohol tomorrow night?” The answer I received was:

A prayer for riding the wave of what is. Divine mother, may I see the beauty in every experience. May I grow to refrain from labeling things as positive or negative and simply ride the wave of what is. May I meet my challenges with a cheer, knowing that these are the things that invite me to discover new parts of me that until this meeting even I did not know were there. And so it is.

The past few times I did drink alcohol, it actually felt less appealing than it had in the past, maybe because I have discovered so many more natural ways of becoming high. So this message really helped me to ease up on myself. Whatever happens, I will learn from it, and I don’t have to resist or push things away. My goal for becoming vegan was to realize that I’m not saying “I can’t eat that”, but rather, “I choose not to eat that”. And that once I felt the powerful positive effects, I wouldn’t want to turn back. So in the past few weeks, especially when I was on family vacation, I ate a few non-vegan items. I ate a free cupcake from my job because it looked so good! I even ate a slice of pizza because it was also a free lunch at my workplace. But with that slice, I really could feel it weighing me down. So it’s more like a personal experiment, not a strict diet. Of course my ideal is to be 100% vegan, and one day I won’t feel the need to eat anything that is not vegan.

I admire people like Alan Pratt and Doreen Virtue, who say that they have not drank alcohol for many years. But it doesn’t help to resist or feel bad about myself in the process of raising my vibration. I love to party, and alcohol is the main “vice” that people will partake in at the wedding. Burning Man, I imagine, is a different story. But I do know reiki or spiritual teachers who partake in drinking “spirits” here and there. What is your opinion? (Comment below)




Love & Light



Do Thoughts Create Reality?

I was resisting watching this video for a while, but I finally watched it. I was resisting because of the title “Fuck the Law of Attraction”. Of course I love Teal Swan and I’m super excited to see her when she comes to Philadelphia on September 18th for the I Can Do It Conference. But… I didn’t want my love for the Law of Attraction to be crushed and to find out that it was all a scam. Luckily, that’s not the case. Like most of her topics, she explains the pros and cons of the subject (this one leaning towards the cons). *Watch the video to find out more*

It turns out that I’m very glad I watched the video, because it put a major twist on my surface level understanding of the way I thought the Law of Attraction worked.

“The Blame Assumption; it’s the assumption that because, if you understand the law of attraction, you understand that you have a hand in creating your reality, if you create something that doesn’t feel good it’s your fault!”- Teal Swan

Since I started exploring this concept of the Law of Attraction, I really began to realize that we do have a major part in creating our reality. I have also been enjoying many hypnosis recordings, and affirmations set to music. And lately, I’ve been monitoring and scrutinizing every thought that passes through my brain in fear that it will manifest something unwanted into my reality, just because I had the thought. Teal Swan explains that our Higher Selves as well as our temporary selves here in the 3rd dimension, are both subject to the Law of Attraction. And when we may be wishing and praying for something here in the 3rd dimension, our higher self knows that we need to experience the opposite, or maybe just something completely different. I’m not saying I know all of the answers, but this new perspective helped me to realize that I don’t have to blame myself when a slightly undesirable situation comes up in my life.

At 33 minutes, Matt Kahn says, “Know that everything in your reality is not a by product of your thoughts. Reality is created at a much higher level.” This also helped relieve me of that constant scrutinizing of my own thoughts. I have always loved the idea of free will, but I can’t get so caught up in the idea that I control everything (because I don’t). But what I can control is how I respond to whatever situation the Universe, or my Higher Self gives me!

“What you attract are the characters and circumstances that are giving you the chance to choose the high road as often as you are willing to.”


Light & Love