Reiki Life Update!

I am certified to teach Reiki and I received my certification on May 1st so I guess it really hasn’t been that long! Sometime I get frustrated with my self for taking so long to announce my first class. But after all, I still haven’t finished writing my Level 1 Manual yet. And I may need a bit more practice giving attunements. I did give a Level 2 re-attunement to my roommate Jess two weeks ago and she was very patient during the process as I read off of my cheat sheet to remember the order of movements and symbols.

On the other hand, I am becoming so much more comfortable with reiki and energy healing sessions, in-person as well as distance sessions. As I’m getting ready to leave for Ocean City, New Jersey this evening, I can’t believe it was only one year ago that I experienced my first distance reiki healing session. And more than a year since I began my first reiki class. Tomorrow I will be starting a Thai Massage Class (Levels 1 and 2) in OCNJ! I couldn’t be more excited and I can feel my abundant future and holistic healing career blooming.

I still love reiki and I know that it is a great healing tool. But right now, I am becoming more interested in deeper healing work that encourages the release of emotions. For example, the way that I cried during my energy healing session with Eileen Mercolino and during the Breathwork workshop. I feel that many people, myself included, do not allow themselves to express emotions.

“Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma to some degree; therefore, everyone experiences post-traumatic stress to some degree. The people who know for sure that they have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the ones experiencing post-traumatic stress to such a degree that it interferes with their ability to function, thus they have been given an actual diagnosis.  Many people, who are simply struggling to try to feel good in their lives, cannot look back at their lives and pinpoint an exact event that caused their current pain.  It is hard for the average person to see that the root of the pain in their adult life is in fact past trauma.  The Completion Process however, allows you to see the root of your current pain and to resolve it.”   –Teal Swan  

For me, many times it is just a matter of worrying what other people will think of me if they hear or see me crying in public. Babies do it all of the time! But of course we are trained as young ones to stop crying, especially when it may bother others in public. But maybe this is not the worst thing. At least there are ways to create space for allowing people to cry. That is what I really would love to do. Of course this may occur in a reiki class or an IET class after an attunement as well.



Last week while I was attending the Lion Heart Life Healing community wellness event in West Philly, I saw a flyer for a free 30 Day Vegan Pledge program. It was synchronistic because I had been thinking about going vegan and talking about it with my magical roommate Jess. We had a beautiful vegan feast this morning and I have an awesome mentor named Crystal that also loves Bikram yoga!

Reasons why I am Vegan:

  1. Cowspiracy (Environmental Reasons)
  2. Peace for the Animals
  3. Health for myself


As a Reiki Master, I understand that everything is energy, especially the food we put into our bodies! An animal that was kept in a box and killed to be used for their meat and eaten will not have a positive vibration. Therefore, it won’t give me a positive vibration upon eating it!

I am now on Day 8 of the 30 Day Vegan Pledge and I feel amazing. I am excited to hit the 6 month mark because according to Fully Raw Kristina, that is when our cells regenerate and we will no longer crave foods we once craved. More vegan updates coming your way soon!

Love & Light






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  1. All the best with your Tai Massage classes & enjoy the Jersey shore breezes! BTY you do not have to write your own Reiki manuals, they are available from several sources. -Beth

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