Spotlight on my Acupuncturist!

I love my Acupuncturist, Daniel Nemer. Check out his website here: Translating Health . It was over a year ago when I first saw him at his spacious clinic in the Hidden River studio in Manayunk. I love the one on one sessions because I am able to express the happenings in my life, and my emotions. Daniel really understands that everything that is happening in my life is relevant information to know for the treatment. This is not to say that I will talk for 30 minutes… but I feel comfortable sharing my feelings.

Recently I went to see him for an Acugraph screening. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, but I was interested in seeing what this new technology could show me about my own body and meridians. He explained that the tool would be basically running an electric current through me, but I wouldn’t feel anything. He gave me a metal bar to hold on to for grounding. We casually chatted as he tested the various acupuncture points on my body with the tool. After the test, the results showed up on his computer. The results looked something like this:


I have always loved receiving acupuncture, but this Acugraph system really gives me a clearer perspective of my own body and my health progress towards balance. After my first Acugraph appointment, I had to make another appointment to come back for acupuncture, just because I didn’t schedule it ahead of time. But when I came back, I loved having the whole room to myself to drift off into my acupuncture nap.

I highly recommend Daniel to anyone that is looking for a great acupuncturist in the Philadelphia area!


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