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Last night, I was feeling drained and “uninspired”. But I still knew that I had to host a group healing session the following morning. I left my tuning forks at my parents’ house, so I decided to go home and sleep on my mattress.

When I woke up, it was 9 am and my phone had died and my alarm was not able to wake me up! I told Adrian that I would be at the yoga class at 10am. Thoughts running through my mind were, “Should I cancel it?” “Will anyone show up?” “Will I have good energy to give to the recipients?”. Since no one had replied to the facebook event, I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up. But I knew that it was also posted on the Healing Arts Collective website. Since I was feeling a bit flustered and tired, and had racing thoughts from the move this week, I was worried that I wasn’t prepared enough for the event, even though we planned it a few weeks in advance. And even if people did show up, I worried, “Am I prepared enough? Will they like what I have to say? Will they feel relaxed?”.

I asked Adrian if I could enter the yoga class late and he said yes. I parked in the Whole Foods parking lot and on my way I checked the Facebook event to see 1 Attending! It was a beloved family friend. Actually my best friends’ mom! She is a yoga teacher and she was the first person to ever take me to a yoga class in high school. I felt relieved to see her in attendance when I entered the yoga class! I felt relieved because I knew I didn’t have to try to impress her. Then, I spotted a friend named James aka Flesh Prince that I met at the Sacred Cacao Ceremony. He is a Reiki practitioner and a musician as well! Here is his dreamy music video:

I knew that he has good energy so I was glad that he was there. I was so glad that I made it to the second half of the yoga class, as I could really start getting in the zone for the Reiki and Sound Healing session. I thought I would be nervous about talking and opening up the session, but really I just had to be myself. I read a review of myself from someone on LinkedIn that supervised me in the Media Fair Trade Committee back in high school.

She wrote “Victoria is a gentle, soft spoken, thoughtful young woman. I watched in total amazement as she delivered a moving and compelling talk — still with her mild manner — to all the teachers and principals of her then high school, Penncrest, explaining why Penncrest should become a “Fair Trade School.” Her authenticity was her power. She convinced her audience! Penncrest became the “First Fair Trade Public High School in the US.” This is just one example of what I witnessed in Victoria when she worked with me. She’s got great integrity and will continue to be a change-maker.”

The fact that she wrote “gentle and soft spoken” in a positive review made me feel really good. I can still be soft spoken and be a public speaker. I don’t have to change who I am, as long as I am loud enough so that everyone can hear. My tone and nature are still generally “gentle and soft spoken”. I am also quiet, meaning that I allow pauses or moments of silence when I am talking. And by being my true self, I can attract my tribe.


I still had a bit of shyness as I started to speak and instruct people on what I would like them to do. But I realized that, while my mind was planning all of the options and possibilities of what I wanted to say or how I wanted things to go, no one else had any expectations, or at least, they had no way to know if I messed up or forgot something. Once I began the healing part, I started by playing some singing bowls and eventually I put on some music by Source Vibrations . Then I went around to each individual with my tuning forks and gave them ReikiSound™ through the tuning forks and Reiki with my hands. Once I was doing this, I could allow the world outside to fall away and focus on the present moment, connecting with each individual ~ (I believe that using the Master symbol helps me to connect on a soul level). There were 6 people in attendance. That is double the amount that I had last time! I am very grateful for this, and that’s why I ended the session by saying “Thank you everyone”. There was one lady in attendance that I had never met before, and she said she heard about the event through Healing Arts Collective! After the event we talked a little bit and she told me of her dreams to use her voice for healing. She envisioned being able to improvise and use the frequencies for healing. I told her that I learned how to do this in my ReikiSound™ class, but I am still working on opening my throat chakra and being less shy about my voice. This gave me the idea that I could really focus in on my niche or target audience of clients, and have my first Reiki class be called “Reiki Level 1 for Musicians”! I naturally feel empowered when I hold and use my tuning forks, singing bowls and didgeridoos. These are my creative tools for healing. So if you are a musician, looking to unleash your creativity, I am here for you! The date has not been set yet, but look out for this class in Philadelphia soon!

Love & Light


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