Kava Consciousness

I love kava. I am so grateful for my trip to California (aka Kavafornia) last September. I was at the Conscious Cabaret in East LA when I saw a quirky man named Kava Kirk. He was putting twigs into a blender and I thought, “How curious…” And I later found out he was selling cups of kava in coconut shells. I had been wanting to try kava for a while, and I finally had my chance. It was a beautiful social art gathering with a fire ceremony, music and vendors. There was alcohol there but it was nice to have the option of drinking kava, a conscious concoction prepared Fiji style by Kava Kirk and his crew. I felt a good feeling buzz but I was still very conscious and aware of my actions.

Luckily Kava Kirk decided to send me some kava in the mail to Philadelphia. In the future, I would like to prepare more kava and share it with friends and maybe even host some kava parties. I envision a social gathering where people can relax, talk, dance and have a good time in a comfortable atmosphere. I thought of the name Kavadelphia… There is no hangover so it’s a fun beverage for a healthy lifestyle. It’s also said to be entheogenic. Thank you Kava Kirk and thank you to all of the people of Fiji!

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