Article 13: Limitations


It turns out, that in the end, I chose to participate in Article 13 as a performer, as I knew that I was craving the excitement of being “on stage” and standing for something that I believe in; peace and justice. I am very fortunate to be given the life I was given; (a white woman from a middle class family that has lived in the USA since birth). I am a recent college graduate, and besides the slightly weighing affect of my college loans, I feel that I have a very bright future ahead of me.

I am participating in Article 13 in solidarity with all of the people that have left their homes in search of a better world, or in some cases, because they had to escape from violence or war in their home territory. The whole experience has really made me question the borders and limitations that we have set up here on Earth; as well as the scarcity paradigm that many people live under.

I was just watching this YouTube video from the Free Your Mind Conference 2015; Bob Tuskin “Scarcity Based Mind Control”.  It talks a lot about money and how it can be used to control human behaviour and how it is scarce by nature. In the real nature of Mother Earth, there is enough food for everyone on the planet but for some reason we have not organized it so that people do not starve. I understand that not all resources are infinite. But I think that they are more abundant than most people in power want us to believe.

And this also relates to where I am right now on my life’s journey and career. The reality is we need money to survive in our current society. I had to call out of work on Tuesday in order to participate in the rehearsal for Article 13. My manager was not happy with me for making that decision, as they were short on employees and flooded with calls that evening. As I follow my heart and aim to grow my own heart centered business, I am slowly pacing myself and sometimes even procrastinating out of fear. Sometimes I don’t even know if I am procrastinating out of fear of failure or fear of success; (as mentioned in 7 Common Blocks to Abundance by Doreen Virtue). But I do know that there are infinite possibilities for who I can be and what I can accomplish. For a while I was thinking of myself as a Reiki Master practitioner. As a spiritual entrepreneur, I do not have to limit myself to that title. I can work with joyous co-creators, I can teach those who I am meant to teach and heal people that may benefit from my healing. I can even promote products that I find to be useful in my own life. We all use products, so why not support the ones I find meaningful. And maybe one day, I will be able to create my own products, whether they are media audio/visual recordings, books, or even material products.

We have really been raised with the mindset to “get a job”. For the longest time after graduating college I resisted “getting a job”. The very phrase seemed to make me cringe and keep crawling into my psyche as I kept resisting it. I love adventure and freedom, and I didn’t want anything to tie me down. Now after having a part time job, (almost full time hours some weeks), I see the benefit of having a stable income to depend on. But I know that I have the potential to do some much more with my time and energy. Now I just have to figure out ways to translate that time and energy and creativity into income!





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