Out of my Head & into my Heart

Me and Every Heard

Wow, I am so grateful for today. I really love and accept myself today (even though I tell myself that I do every day). Today I’m really feeling the love and good things in the air.

I hosted a New Moon Meditation & Sound Healing event at the Healing Arts Collective in the afternoon. I was nervous as I wasn’t sure who would show up, or exactly how things would turn out. Sometimes I even have self doubts about being a reiki practitioner. Well today I’m feeling really proud and positive and confident. But last night, when I went home to my parents house, I didn’t really feel that much support; I felt a bit of skepticism and worry. For example, I gave my mom a reiki and sound healing session with my new tuning forks. It was nice to experiment on her and I am thankful for that. And I am thankful for so many things that she does for me every day. But one of the challenges is her worry of whether I will be able to “make money” or support myself with reiki. I suppose I am writing about my challenge once again to see if anyone can relate to it, not to say anything negative about my mom. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you!). Anyway, I see it almost as a challenge, and a push that wants me to prove to her that yes I can make money by doing my passion.

So today, I proved that to myself! I had three friends become attendees at my workshop today. I gave them reiki and sound healing with my new tuning forks from Biosonics. I sold a mixer that I had purchase from a friend last summer, and used the money to buy the Beginner’s Set of tuning forks and I am LOVING them so far! Ralph Smart always says “I became rich the day I started living my dreams,” and that is how I feel today.

I recently watched one of his videos called “Why Most People Put Off Their DREAMS“. And it gave me a new perspective or a new way to approach his other advice, which is all about living your passion to make money, and not working at a job that drains your energy to come home and be tired. Well in this video he says the reason why people put off their dreams is because they haven’t made a commitment to it. It’s easy to put off your dreams when you have another full time or part time job and can procrastinate as long as you like. I would tell myself, “Oh yes I have a part time job because I’m pursuing my dream on the side.” But when I saw this video, I told myself, the time is now, I’m not pursuing it on the side, I’m living it right now and I must take action now. So I asked the owner if I could host my workshop on Wednesday, and of course he said yes! This doesn’t mean I have to quit my part time job in reality, but in Tori-ville (in my mind), I can envision myself living the life and having the clients I love. I can even be honest with co-workers about my other job about who I really am (a reiki practitioner and sound healer).


The new moon in Aries is helpful for this, and I have to keep the ball rolling. At the end of our workshop we all wrote down our intentions for the New Moon. Here are some of mine:

“I share my spiritual pride with the world. I meet the right people at the right time. I am Love. I share my space with ease. I live in abundance.”

The workshop went very well and everyone was very pleased. Of course, there are still plenty of things to work on to improve the workshop, mainly my shyness and my public speaking as well as practice leading a guided meditation. I was thinking about leading the attendees into a meditation, but luckily two of them were reiki practitioners as well, and could easily lie down and relax and take in the healing sounds. The other one was also easily able to follow their lead. This was a very last minute workshop, but I am so glad that I took action from my heart!

Peace & Love


Pictures that I used to advertise the workshop (Not from today)

2 thoughts on “Out of my Head & into my Heart

  1. Hi Victoria, I just did Danielle’s level 1 reiki training and am checking out info on some of her students and friends (I took your business card). Anyway, being confident in myself is something I deal with every day! I do public speaking only rarely, but that is hard, too. What struck me most was your mom’s worry about whether you will make money doing reiki (and teaching it). This sounds exactly like what my mom said after I quit a fairly well-paying job and told her I was selling stuff on Ebay and Amazon. In my case, the answer would be, no, I cannot make a living out of that. The money earned wasn’t the point. I hated the old job and left before I lost too much respect for myself. I learned a lot running my own itsy-bitsy business and doing it with integrity. That gave me back some self-respect, which, ultimately is more valuable than dollars and cents. Sadly, at that time my relationship with my mom wasn’t close enough that I could tell her all this. Well, you can’t have everything. Good luck.

    1. Hello Jim,
      Thank you so much for taking my card and checking out my website! Well, I have learned by reading The Vortex, that my parents aren’t here to determine my life purpose for me. But it is nice to find a space of balance and agreement and I’m very lucky that my parents support me! Danielle is a great teacher and I hope that you enjoyed the class! -Victoria

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