Kava Consciousness

I love kava. I am so grateful for my trip to California (aka Kavafornia) last September. I was at the Conscious Cabaret in East LA when I saw a quirky man named Kava Kirk. He was putting twigs into a blender and I thought, “How curious…” And I later found out he was selling cups of kava in coconut shells. I had been wanting to try kava for a while, and I finally had my chance. It was a beautiful social art gathering with a fire ceremony, music and vendors. There was alcohol there but it was nice to have the option of drinking kava, a conscious concoction prepared Fiji style by Kava Kirk and his crew. I felt a good feeling buzz but I was still very conscious and aware of my actions.

Luckily Kava Kirk decided to send me some kava in the mail to Philadelphia. In the future, I would like to prepare more kava and share it with friends and maybe even host some kava parties. I envision a social gathering where people can relax, talk, dance and have a good time in a comfortable atmosphere. I thought of the name Kavadelphia… There is no hangover so it’s a fun beverage for a healthy lifestyle. It’s also said to be entheogenic. Thank you Kava Kirk and thank you to all of the people of Fiji!

Victoria loves Ormus where science and spirit converge

Buzzin’ on Ormus

I attended the Free Your Mind Conference yesterday at the Sheraton in Bucks County, PA. It was definitely and eye-opening experience. I went in with the intention of meeting new people, learning some new things, and spreading the word about my business. I love to attend events alone because it allows me to have a fresh slate for how I want to present myself. I really enjoy my independence and freedom in this way. But at the same time, I have a tendency to isolate myself at times and feel blocked by my shyness. Then I realized, we create our own reality, so if I don’t take any action, I’m not going to get anything out of the experience. I saw a woman my age and complimented her orgonite.

The first talk I attended was by David Whitehead; a Truth Warrior and martial artist. Here is his website; Way of the Truth Warrior. It was a great way to start the day and his speech was very insightful and inspirational. One of the things he said that I loved was that, along his journey, he studied many different variations and schools of martial arts. He used discernment and personal experience to choose which methods worked the best for him. He now teaches martial arts to kids and people all over the world! He also said, “A good teacher doesn’t just get you to follow their way of doing things.” Rather they get you to find your own way. This is what I aim to be as a reiki teacher. I want to give people tools and knowledge to empower them in their own way.

After that, there were a few talks which were informational, but they weren’t very inspiring. In fact they had me feeling a little bit down. They were all about conspiracy theories in the music industry and Hollywood and how the world is being controlled by secret societies, and trauma based mind control is happening to us all of the time without us even knowing it. Well, of course I told myself something that I learned by doing a bit of self-study about hypnosis to keep myself from worrying too much about this. That is that our subconscious minds won’t take in any of the information that is not helpful to us. I also recognized that yes, corporations may use advertising to make us think we need to buy things to be a certain way or to have happiness. But I don’t think that everyone is out to get us.

One of the other things that David Whitehead mentioned in his talk is that we need to get out of the victim mindset, and grow into the victor mindset! Wake up every day with the mindset that the world is your dojo and that challenges can be overcome. For a while I was feeling a little stuck, and feeling like outside things were holding me back. For example; my part time job, my living situation or the city I live in. But today, I am really feeling like anything is possible, and that I have to create what I desire. I also believe that the experience I had yesterday with the kind couple that created Humanna Gold and Ormus, but I will talk more about that later. I am currently sitting at my part time job as I write this. But my mindset it on the future, and what I want to create, while still handling the responsibilities of my job. Luckily, we aren’t that busy on Sundays, and I have a bit more personal space since there are less people in the office. As I mentioned before, you don’t have to quit your part time job to pursue your dreams, but you have to take responsibility and make a commitment to making your dreams come true!

Another interesting speaker was Ken Rohla and his talk “Health in an Era of Biowarfare.” He has plenty of great information and products for sale on his website Fresh and Alive! He did warn about many dangerous and frightening things that very well may be the reality of today. These things included Chem trails (or bio-engineering) and the fact that


So, I will now mention my experience with Ormus. Ormus is the name for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic elements. I swallowed a teaspoon of Ormus and I could definitely feel a change in my energy. Riki said that it would expand my aura, and I think that it did just that. Ormus is actually a fifth state of matter. It is hard to put into words the feeling that I got in my body after swallowing the Ormus, but as I feel it now, it does feel similar to Chi or a clear energy throughout my back of my neck and shoulders (where I used to have pain). the energy and feeling.

I also tried the spray and when I sprayed it on to the back of my neck, I could definitely feel the pain disappearing and the new energy there. Riki used a pendulum to help me decide which type of edible Ormus to buy and it showed her the Sea Water. I also tried the Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold Ormus and rubbed it in an infinity symbol on my forehead. He said it would help with opening my pineal gland and I definitely could feel that power coming to me. I felt very connected and almost like I was having a psychedelic experience (not from ingesting, just from rubbing on my forehead).

Overall it was a very interesting experience. There were a mix of victims and victors there as speakers, but afterwards I realized once again that we must first focus on ourselves. And that we can’t serve from an empty cup. My time and money may have been better spent on a healing workshop (for me personally right now). But I can’t regret it and I definitely learned some new things!

Sound Healing Concert with the Family of Light

12963579_10154039933910502_8117667824687268466_nLast night I attended a Sound Healing Ceremony at the Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork. I had a long day at work and I was so ready to be healed, relaxed and let go of what was no longer serving me.

The group of healers facilitating the journey included; Alexandra DiFilippo, Leigh Seelman, Harold E. Smith, Kelly Hough, Bette Hanson, Sae Guiterrez and Alan Pratt and one other didgeridoo player which I can’t remember the name of.  Every single one of these healers are amazing and I could not have asked for a better night.

Upon arrival, I saw a mother and daughter that I had recognized from a Salt Bowl Ceremony back in October which was where I also met Kelly Hough. Kelly is also a part of Tribe de Mama, and is a proud mother of three. It turns out that she went to the same high school that I did, so that made me feel connected to her. Anyway, I began placing my crystals near my mat, and I also brought out my tuning forks to play and show to the mother and daughter. I had this thought occur in my head, “What if I am being rude by playing my tuning forks and healing, even though I am not one of the healers facilitating the journey/ event.” I knew that the event hadn’t officially started, and I didn’t plan on healing once it actually did. This most likely just goes to show the confidence issues that are going on inside of my head. I guess this also just goes into my own belief about myself being worthy enough. Am I worthy enough to get what I desire and become a healer and make a living doing the things I love? Of course there will still be challenges and I have to be patient with myself, but sometimes I think I am holding myself back with subconscious beliefs.


Bette Hanson, (check out her website here) is a Multidimensional Healer and she gave an amazing introduction when all of the healers were introducing themselves before the event. She talked about how she is blessed to have a tree in her spine, and that her guru is Ama. But more importantly she said something along the lines of, “For all of you that are standing for something, you are not standing for anything unless you are standing for love”. And that putting your foot down sometimes may not be the best way because it’s all love either way. She also said that while it’s great to go out there and campaign for causes, the most effective way is to change yourself from within. That’s why I have been so focused on myself. In high school, I was very involved in fair trade activism, and even in college, I went to the Dominican Republic and visited Alta Gracia clothing factory. Lately, as a young adult, I have been spending most of my time working on myself. But my hope is that the more that I can cultivate peace and compassion within myself, that will affect the world around me as well.

When Harold E. Smith gave his intro, he talked a little bit about his introduction into the mystic and healing world. He told a story about how he could hear this voice that was telling him “I can’t breathe”, then he saw a pregnant woman smoking. So the voice must have been the baby! That’s amazing! But in the end, I don’t think he said anything to the woman. He went on to explain; “As healers, we are here as channels for the energy to flow through us to you. Our guides talk to your guides, and we translate the vibrations to you.” That was a very nice way to put it. While building my practice as a healer, I am also learning about my relationship with my ego. It seems that where I am in life right now, I still need it in order to promote myself and my business. But if I can learn more about it, I can recognize the signs of my ego trying to take control and learn to overcome or undercome that ( and live more from the heart).

I was very excited to meet Alan Pratt, as I had seen him posting videos in the facebook event page prior to the real life event. His presence was very powerful and he also has a playful style of healing. I am often silent when I give reiki or even sound healing sessions. So I really admired his way of communicating (what seemed like) a combination of channeled information and personal advice. There was one part where he sang the words “your angels love you very much” and that must have been a trigger for me, as I started crying for a few minutes after that. But I know that crying is healing so I was happy to let go of those tears. There were many phrases that were repeated multiple times by all of the healers. “Let it go” was one of these phrases. I could really feel the stress and tightness leaving my shoulders as I lay there. There was one part where I could hear scarier, grunted and moaning noises coming from Alan. I heard him say at the end, something like “you gave me an exorcism”. It is funny because when I was younger, I used to be terrified of becoming possessed. But I realize now that maybe it’s not as scary as those horror films make it seem. As a lightworker, I may have to encounter lower energies. I am still scared, but I wonder if it’s partially because of those images I’ve seen growing up where someone gets possessed and they can’t control their own body. What I’ve encountered so far (as far as something else moving my body) has always been positive. Most notably the Marconics session that I had where I felt my right arm raising slightly. I remember being conscious of it, like if I really wanted to, I could move my arm consciously. And with the “exorcism” that Alan had, whatever lower energy may have been stuck in him was already there, so the exorcism should be the least scary part. But I suppose it is also scary to change and let go of things.

Also, near the end of the journey, I remember imagining or envisioning this maroon octopus and tentacles flowing around and sucking things. I almost envisioned it sucking out old energy from me. Then today, the headline came out about Inky the Octopus escaping from the New Zealand aquarium and making it to the ocean. I wonder if this was some sort of psychic connection, or maybe just a coincidence. Either way, I’m glad the Inky escaped from the aquarium!


I am so grateful for the experience I had last night. Sometimes it is hard to come back to reality, but I am grateful that I get to have experiences like that where I feel like it’s all coming together or rather unfolding and unveiling the true Victoria and who I came here to be.

Peace & Love




Article 13: Limitations


It turns out, that in the end, I chose to participate in Article 13 as a performer, as I knew that I was craving the excitement of being “on stage” and standing for something that I believe in; peace and justice. I am very fortunate to be given the life I was given; (a white woman from a middle class family that has lived in the USA since birth). I am a recent college graduate, and besides the slightly weighing affect of my college loans, I feel that I have a very bright future ahead of me.

I am participating in Article 13 in solidarity with all of the people that have left their homes in search of a better world, or in some cases, because they had to escape from violence or war in their home territory. The whole experience has really made me question the borders and limitations that we have set up here on Earth; as well as the scarcity paradigm that many people live under.

I was just watching this YouTube video from the Free Your Mind Conference 2015; Bob Tuskin “Scarcity Based Mind Control”.  It talks a lot about money and how it can be used to control human behaviour and how it is scarce by nature. In the real nature of Mother Earth, there is enough food for everyone on the planet but for some reason we have not organized it so that people do not starve. I understand that not all resources are infinite. But I think that they are more abundant than most people in power want us to believe.

And this also relates to where I am right now on my life’s journey and career. The reality is we need money to survive in our current society. I had to call out of work on Tuesday in order to participate in the rehearsal for Article 13. My manager was not happy with me for making that decision, as they were short on employees and flooded with calls that evening. As I follow my heart and aim to grow my own heart centered business, I am slowly pacing myself and sometimes even procrastinating out of fear. Sometimes I don’t even know if I am procrastinating out of fear of failure or fear of success; (as mentioned in 7 Common Blocks to Abundance by Doreen Virtue). But I do know that there are infinite possibilities for who I can be and what I can accomplish. For a while I was thinking of myself as a Reiki Master practitioner. As a spiritual entrepreneur, I do not have to limit myself to that title. I can work with joyous co-creators, I can teach those who I am meant to teach and heal people that may benefit from my healing. I can even promote products that I find to be useful in my own life. We all use products, so why not support the ones I find meaningful. And maybe one day, I will be able to create my own products, whether they are media audio/visual recordings, books, or even material products.

We have really been raised with the mindset to “get a job”. For the longest time after graduating college I resisted “getting a job”. The very phrase seemed to make me cringe and keep crawling into my psyche as I kept resisting it. I love adventure and freedom, and I didn’t want anything to tie me down. Now after having a part time job, (almost full time hours some weeks), I see the benefit of having a stable income to depend on. But I know that I have the potential to do some much more with my time and energy. Now I just have to figure out ways to translate that time and energy and creativity into income!





Victoria holding a tuning fork with friend Every Heard

Out of my Head & into my Heart

Me and Every Heard

Wow, I am so grateful for today. I really love and accept myself today (even though I tell myself that I do every day). Today I’m really feeling the love and good things in the air.

I hosted a New Moon Meditation & Sound Healing event at the Healing Arts Collective in the afternoon. I was nervous as I wasn’t sure who would show up, or exactly how things would turn out. Sometimes I even have self doubts about being a reiki practitioner. Well today I’m feeling really proud and positive and confident. But last night, when I went home to my parents house, I didn’t really feel that much support; I felt a bit of skepticism and worry. For example, I gave my mom a reiki and sound healing session with my new tuning forks. It was nice to experiment on her and I am thankful for that. And I am thankful for so many things that she does for me every day. But one of the challenges is her worry of whether I will be able to “make money” or support myself with reiki. I suppose I am writing about my challenge once again to see if anyone can relate to it, not to say anything negative about my mom. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I love you!). Anyway, I see it almost as a challenge, and a push that wants me to prove to her that yes I can make money by doing my passion.

So today, I proved that to myself! I had three friends become attendees at my workshop today. I gave them reiki and sound healing with my new tuning forks from Biosonics. I sold a mixer that I had purchase from a friend last summer, and used the money to buy the Beginner’s Set of tuning forks and I am LOVING them so far! Ralph Smart always says “I became rich the day I started living my dreams,” and that is how I feel today.

I recently watched one of his videos called “Why Most People Put Off Their DREAMS“. And it gave me a new perspective or a new way to approach his other advice, which is all about living your passion to make money, and not working at a job that drains your energy to come home and be tired. Well in this video he says the reason why people put off their dreams is because they haven’t made a commitment to it. It’s easy to put off your dreams when you have another full time or part time job and can procrastinate as long as you like. I would tell myself, “Oh yes I have a part time job because I’m pursuing my dream on the side.” But when I saw this video, I told myself, the time is now, I’m not pursuing it on the side, I’m living it right now and I must take action now. So I asked the owner if I could host my workshop on Wednesday, and of course he said yes! This doesn’t mean I have to quit my part time job in reality, but in Tori-ville (in my mind), I can envision myself living the life and having the clients I love. I can even be honest with co-workers about my other job about who I really am (a reiki practitioner and sound healer).


The new moon in Aries is helpful for this, and I have to keep the ball rolling. At the end of our workshop we all wrote down our intentions for the New Moon. Here are some of mine:

“I share my spiritual pride with the world. I meet the right people at the right time. I am Love. I share my space with ease. I live in abundance.”

The workshop went very well and everyone was very pleased. Of course, there are still plenty of things to work on to improve the workshop, mainly my shyness and my public speaking as well as practice leading a guided meditation. I was thinking about leading the attendees into a meditation, but luckily two of them were reiki practitioners as well, and could easily lie down and relax and take in the healing sounds. The other one was also easily able to follow their lead. This was a very last minute workshop, but I am so glad that I took action from my heart!

Peace & Love


Pictures that I used to advertise the workshop (Not from today)

Dear Victoria, Free Your Mind!

Article 13 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I am writing this letter to myself because I want to bring myself back into connection with Source energy and to my good feeling place. I am not writing about my problems so that I can feel bad about them, but so that I can take a step back and gaze down from a larger perspective. And to the readers out there, maybe you have gone through something similar. (Comment below if you feel me!)

“What you’re referring to as your pain, is simply an aspect of you. A version of you, at some point in time and space, that began to run an energetic distortion.” – The Pleiadians as channeled by Nora Herold

I recently saw an email in my work inbox of my part time job at a call center where I make $10.00 per hour. I received my paycheck today and I made $460.00. The email read; Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.56.56 PM

I was ecstatic and emailed the person immediately. It is a part of my nature to want to have excitement, adventure and spontaneity in my life. I thought it would be wonderful to get paid $15 and come out with almost $500 after one week. I received an email today saying that I was accepted to be an actor in the performance and to return the contract and W9. I got overly excited and happy about my bright and exciting future and rushed home to get to my computer. I asked again if she had seen my previous email regarding my work schedule conflicts. She replied; You must make all of the dates or you can not participate. I started crying and feeling similar to when you are little and run to your room and slam the door and start crying into the pillow because your parents tell you that you can’t do something you wanted to do. I felt this angst toward my job in general. Thoughts were racing through my head of quitting and living the life of a freelance worker. But then I realized, I was the one that signed up for this job in the first place. I was the one that sent in my Resume and Cover Letter and accepted the position. I wanted to have a part time job so that I could focus on my other passions outside of the job; Reiki and Yoga. Of course, fears were also running through my head and thoughts of self-doubt. Fear that I will be stuck in this boring job forever, or that I will never make a real positive impact on the world.  Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.08.16 PM

I took a deep breath and realized that I was placing the blame on external factors for making me feel upset or flustered; job, manager, lack of freedom, low pay rate… Yes these things are all things to be considered for the cause of my frustration, but all in all, I have to bring myself back to the good feeling place and back to my center. Sometimes, I also get flustered with decision making and the fact that “anything is possible”. And that I can create the life I desire. But I like to think that it’s a co-creation between myself and the Universe, as well as other co-creators. So I can try to ease up on every minute decision as if it will change the course of my life; ie. The Butterfly Effect.

The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.- Urban Dictionary

That then lead me to click on the definition of The Chaos Theory.

In physics, it’s a tad more complicated. It states all subatomic and nucleonic particles are all united under ONE force, not gravity, but a very powerful force which holds the very essence of protons, electrons and neutrons together. It branches out into every facet of our existence. Infinite correlation, no probability.- Urban Dictionary

This definition made me feel a bit more comforted, as it mentions “ONE force”, which I can relate to Universal Life Energy, or Source. My goal is to stay in alignment with Source as often as possible, and to become more in touch with my own intuition and to learn to follow my gut instincts. And to learn to say No to what is no longer serving me! It would be more fun to participate in the installation, than sit at my boring job. But it’s also nice to have that peace of mind to know that I can pay my rent, do a few things I love, and still have time to work on building my Reiki and Sound Healing business and clients. I could have stressed and asked my manager to make it work, but I’m already very thankful for the requests to be off that he has fulfilled for me.

In more exciting news, here are two of those events that I was able to gain amnesty for! :

Free Your Mind Conference

I will be attending the FYM conference on Saturday the 16th. It was an expensive ticket, but this is one of the things that I don’t mind spending money on in order to further my career and life purpose.


Intuitive Development- Spring Series

I’m excited for the upcoming Intuitive Development-Spring Series with Alex DiFilippo at The Reiki School. I attended a few of the Chakra Balancing workshops with Alex in the fall, and the intuitive readings gave me great guidance and insight to things I may have never realized and life tools I never would have tried otherwise (notably Kundalini Yoga).

I love to watch YouTube videos from the greats like Ralph Smart and Teal Swan. Sometimes I compare myself to them or other spiritual leaders and wish I was further along the path to my dreams. But I always have to remember the quote from Preston Smiles “Stay in Your Lane”. The one good thing about my call center job is that it’s a step up from my retail job. I can actually drink coffee in between calls and use the world wide web to communicate or do research regarding my Divine Life Purpose or whatever interests me at the moment.

For now, I can let go and trust that, with my own perseverance and the Divine Order of the Universe, things will work out eventually.

Peace & Love