Reiki Services

Today we completed the third class in our Reiki Level 3 (Master class), at Learn Reiki Philadelphia! I have completed Level 2 and soon to be Level 3, at Learn Reiki Philadelphia with Danielle Stimpson and I can only say good things about my experience. She makes it a very comfortable atmosphere to ask questions and share our experiences as if we are talking to a friend. And the quality of topics and activities (guided meditations, reiki session practice, client simulations etc..) are phenomenal. If you have an interest in gaining more wisdom and clarity in your life, I highly recommend taking Reiki Level 1 with Danielle.

That being said, I am soon to be a certified Reiki Master fresh off the block. It’s still in the process of┬ácoming together now (isn’t it always?), but I am getting myself ready to start offering reiki sessions professionally in Philadelphia, or anywhere around the world (via remote healing sessions). Yes, I still have my other jobs, but reiki is my passion and I’m going to start living my dream!

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