Reiki Tribe

Tonight I was lucky enough to go out to dinner with a magical group of Reiki practitioners. I was the youngest one in the group, but now that I’m technically an adult, I didn’t feel too out of place. It actually felt very supportive to be in a group of older humans that practice Reiki.
Susannah Spanton of Reiki Melody, is the Reiki Master Teacher that invited me to the dinner. She invited me to P.F. Chang’s for a dinner with fellow Reiki practitioners to “talk about Reiki and inspirational stories, etc…”. I really had no idea what to expect.

Ever since I was little, I would always “plan” or picture or imagine how future events might play out. Even up to the very last second before arriving at the event, I might have anticipation building. I remember telling my mom one night (as a younger child), that I wanted myself to stop thinking so much about the future and the past, but only think about right now. That must have been my way of saying that I wanted to be more zen and practice being more present; but of course those ideas were not presented to me in that way at the time. I remember telling her; it’s ok if I think about the future, but not if I get upset if something doesn’t go the way I imagined it would.
Well I did have a few ideas or expectations about how the dinner might go, but since I have started practicing meditation and Reiki, my mind is not as over active, or future and past obsessed as it used to be.

So today I practiced letting go, clearing my mind, and letting myself connect with Source. In the end, I felt so blessed to be sitting around the table with 8 other light workers, sharing a delicious meal (after we blessed our food of course).

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