Scarcity vs. Abundance; Independence vs. Interdependence

“Those of us who have become disconnected from our food, it’s easy to buy into that story of scarcity.”- Rowen White

After watching this quick 2 minute video, I felt a blast of insight and relief. Over the past few years, I had been feeling guilty about various aspects of my life including my white privilege here in the USA.

Watching this video brought me back to a different perspective. When Rowen White said, “Many of the descendants of the colonizers, are just displaced people who have been disconnected from something that feels real.” I definitely felt a bit of relief and weight lifted off of my shoulders. I do not want to compare myself to those displaced from their homes because of war or any other harsh reason. I just never really heard a statement like this from the perspective of a Native American descendant before. I do sometimes feel confused or alone in that everyone else around me does not question these sorts of things or pay attention to the land that we have claimed as our own.

Anyway, I feel a new beginning or era in my life. Sometimes I get frustrated with America and American politics and many aspects of Western culture. But I am learning a lot and combining what I learn into my own way and culture. That is why I am extremely excited to go to Symbiosis this year! September 2015.

“I don’t really think that we can really be self-sufficient, alone”-Rowen White

This part just made me feel a little less bad about living at my parent’s house. Also, since the room is here, I might as well be using it, otherwise it would be wasted.

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