What I Like About Dating Girls

Well, I have never had a serious relationship with a girl, but I have had relationships. We have been sexual and had good friendships. For me, I feel less pressure when dating a girl. I guess there is less pressure to analyze them or see if they are “good husband material” or something like that.

And I feel that whenever I am casually dating or FWB with a girl, I always feel that we could just hang out as friends and it would be totally fine. Whereas with a guy, it’s more like, once I have had sex, they don’t see me the same way anymore.

Now, how can I just translate this into my dating life with guys ^.^ LoL. Maybe one day I will be a wise woman and improve my self love and independence.

Cool For the Summer


Floating in Unknown

Once again, I feel like I am floating in unknown territory.

Maybe that’s a good thing. “After all, a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

Through my entrepreneurship program, they have emphasized the importance of the Ask, or Asking for what we need. Otherwise, we can never get it. And the worst that can happen is the answer will be no. That doesn’t mean that someone else might say yes to the same proposition. Or that you are stupid for asking.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit more positive now after actually writing my feelings out into the world.

I’m experiencing a whole new dimension that I never knew existed. I am proud of my college education, but I also feel like a little kid again. I know I’m smart in the intellectual sense. But I’m finding myself in the spiritual realms. I will continue to practice šŸ™‚

Distance Healing

From now on, this blog will have a lot to do with healing, since that is my main joy in life.

I received my first distance healing session today at 3pm. I met a man on OkCupid and we have been messaging back and forth for a few weeks. He is Reiki Master, and he is also a musician. In addition to that, he is a beautiful man with muscles and dreadlocks! ^.^ Those are always pluses for me.

The healing session was wonderful. Leading up to it, I imagined that he might call me on the phone or video chat in order to commence the healing. But when it was about time to start, he just sent me a message that said;Ā find a comfortable place to lay down and I will start in about 4 minutes.

Since I have had the 4 Reiki Level 1 attunements, I was easily able to recognize the feeling, or the energy he was sending me. But of course, as a human with a naturally analytical, active mind; I still had thoughts about what I should be doing or how I could best optimize my session.

In one of my hypnosis sessions that I have downloaded on my phone, Kym Tolson said “whether or not you remember what I’m saying, it will still affect your unconscious”. So whenever I’m thinking too much, I just fall back on that and realize that thinking can beĀ futile sometimes. Of course we need to think in order to survive, but I am practicing learning when I need to think versus when my thinking is justĀ feeding the illusion of control.

The most magical thing happened after most of the strong tingling and wave-feelings went away, and I went into more of a visualization meditation state. I felt that I was in the clouds and I saw my healer in angel form. He had giant wings, which were in resting position, but they were still very much there and obvious. His hair was mostly tied back, and he was wearing all white. His wings were bright white with intricate feathers. It was a very positive experience!


About 20 minutes after he had finished the session, and I had finished my meditation, I looked at my phone to see that he sent me a message. He gave me a call to talk about the session. I described the good effects of Reiki and the feelings I felt from his session. I have had a Reiki session before, so there were some similar aspects but I suppose everyone has their own style. Then, I told him about my experience after the session ended. I wasn’t sure if he was going to say “Ohh… that’s cool I guess….” or think I was a bit crazy. But his true response was “So you have seen my wings… I usually try to keep them hidden.” In that moment I ALMOST teared up a bit. I wasn’t crazy and I felt like I had met an angel.

Today has been wonderful. Angels are real!

Peace & Love