Radical Action~ Infinite Possibilities~ Life Journey

So, I am in a place where the path in front of me is a wide open field. I have infinite possibilities.

I wanted to also say that I have changed my perspective a bit since my last post, and I (sort of) cleared things up with my Mom a bit. I told her that I thought she did not respect me experimenting with the healing properties of singing bowls. She replied that she respected me doing that, but she would like me to have a steady job. So in a sense, I understand where she is coming from.

I just need to spend time with my own intuition, and really make life decisions on my own at this point.


But, I added the title of Radical Action to this post because I am really interested in experimenting with new things and learning every single day of my life! With my hard work mixed with what must have been the Ascended Masters, or Spirit or just “luck” or whatever you may want to call it, I received a prize of $1,333 a few weeks ago. I debated for a while of what I should put my money towards. I made the decision to buy a new Retina MacBook and I am very happy with it so far! It is much lighter than my old MacBook pro, at only 2 lbs. and it has an upgraded speaker sound. Although laptop speakers can’t really beat a full speaker system, these new MacBook speakers sound a little bit less like they are coming out of a laptop.

Beatsology Team before the Ian J. Berg Business Plan Presentation
Beatsology Team before the Ian J. Berg Business Plan Presentation. Businesswoman Victoria

Anyway, I spent the last week preparing for the Ian J. Berg Business Plan Competition at Drexel University with my team “Beatsology”. We created a lengthy business plan and concept for an app that synchronizes your personal music library with a BPM template for your workout based on speed, intensity & more. Although I am still getting over my shyness, I do enjoy the thrill of public speaking. And although I don’t often wear business attire, I felt like a million bucks when I wore this outfit, graciously planned by my sister. As we stood up to present to the judges, my heart was beating out of my chest, but I delivered my points with a smile. In the end, We won third place! Hence, we will be receiving $333 each. So with the right attitude and preparation, good things do come, I am learning. I am still figuring own my true opinion on “free will”. But my opinion is still similar to the one I theorized in high school philosophy class. That we have a combination of determinism and free will. Although the word determinism sounds kind of harsh, so maybe I will say “It is written”, a phrase which I learned from one of my favorite books, The Alchemist. At the same time, there are infinite possibilities, but I am following my heart to figure out which paths may be best for me.

Music Production Class with D.V.S.* at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Music Production Class with D.V.S.* at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

So as I mentioned, I am trying to expand my comfort zone and I decided to use my second prize winnings to attend this electronic music workshop at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, New York! I have not created music in the past few years, but I will unearth my knowledge and talents as I have taken music lessons since I was a young little lady.

Of course, there were small doubts creeping in, like, “you’re not really an electronic musician” or “you’re not advanced in production enough to benefit from this workshop.” Or “you’re not going to make money from growing your musical talents”. But luckily, I followed my intuition in my decision making process, and went with my initial instinct which was “OMG they’re having a music workshop at CoSM; I have to be there!”

Here is a version of D.V.S.*s song Axé Babá that I retuned to 43200 Hz and added an 8 Hz binaural beat for your brainwave entrainment pleasure. At the workshop, I plan to work on some more healing music and collaborate with other attendees.

In the near future, I will enroll in a Reiki Level I class, or find a private teacher. I used to have doubts about these things, but I realize that I can do these things while still having a job. I am a multifaceted individual!




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