Wood Nymph: from Secret Lake

This post contains nudity! It may be SFW depending on where you work 🙂

A few weeks ago I was very fortunate to have an amazing experience at a “Secret Lake” in New Jersey, which is located about an hour south of Philadelphia. About a half a year before that, in June of 2014, I attended PEX summer fest in Maryland. In all the craziness yet peacefulness of PEX, I was able to sort of “find myself” in a new way. The process of “finding myself” is on-going of course. But the way in which I found myself during this experience was the freedom and empowerment that I felt from “freeing the nips” and my whole body on occasion. It is a clothing optional place and there were select others roaming around the grounds freely without clothes. I was also encouraged by the amazing “Master Wang Newton” to express my full being. Wang Newton hosted a workshop called “Unleashing Your Inner Wang” which included various types of meditation, breathing, sharing our words and Chinese secrets. At the time I was still new to the whole idea of public nudity, as bodies can often be very sexualized on our culture (America). A few hours after the workshop, I was riding a wooden rocking horse at a theme camp and Wang Newton appeared and reminded me to unleash my inner wang! So with that, I was able to remove my shirt and unleash my bare chest and breasts! All while riding a wooden horse. I felt like a true cow girl. Anyway, after that experience, I was a little bit more empowered to walk around shirtless, or sometimes with pasties, during the rest of the weekend. There were a few attendees roaming around taking pictures, but thankfully, the policy is to always ask before taking a picture at PEX. During one of my favorite moments around the giant bonfire, a photographer from RedLite Photography asked if he could take my picture. Unfortunately I only had one pastie on because the other had fallen off- but I think it turned out ok:


After connecting on facebook, I learned that the photographers name is Adam. Slowly but surely, I began to experience nude events and even do some artistic nude modeling. So, the main reason I wanted to write this post was to share with you some of these beautiful photos that Adam took during our shoot at the Secret Lake a few weeks ago. To anyone that needs a great party or event photographer, I highly recommend Adam! You can check out his website here: RedLite Photography.

IMG_0285 IMG_4455 IMG_4512 IMG_4541 IMG_4602

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