Link of the Day: Edible Growth

After a great weekend of going back to my hometown with my BFF and getting all dolled up for my Aunt’s Black Tie Optional 60th Birthday Celebration, the idea lingering in my head is… 3D Printed Food.

Around 1AM on Friday night, my friend said, did you know that you can print food now? Yes with a 3D printer. At first I was very skeptical, I challenged her notion. I had to see it to believe it. My stubborn friend pulled up this video:

Although Chloe mentions that Edible Growth is still a future food concept, the images in the video provided me with enough evidence to prove my friend’s point. Food can be printed!

I had been thinking about about the fact that the very substances most humans survive off of are all provided to us by the few remaining farmers in the world. I think with the advancement of food technology, we will be able to satisfy our desires to participate in growing our own food.

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