Link of the Day: Radical Honesty

The kind of lying that is most deadly is withholding” – Brad Blanton, Radical Honesty

After doing a homework assignment on Google and its business structure, I learned a little bit about the way Google search works. The algorithm favors pages based on the amount of times they have been linked to by other pages. This is a way to weed out spam and prove that the linked pages are of importance to other internet users.

I am constantly growing my self, my image, my mind and ethics based on other people’s ideas and philosophies. And I don’t think of that as a bad thing. As long as I give mention to those that strongly influence me. I thought of posting a Link of the Day as an easy way to explain where a lot of my ideas come from. In addition, maybe this will help spread the influential ideas and people that I think are useful or interesting.  Continue reading “Link of the Day: Radical Honesty”


Acid/ OkCupid Love Story

The air is moist on a misty night in the Art Museum area. What would have been a seemingly average night to most urban families on a bike ride, or kids skidding around at Paine’s skate park- was far from average for me.
It’s hard to recount the order of vignettes on this night of child-like glory. On acid, we became our true selves. We become the people that laugh at the things we like to laugh at, and cry if we feel moved to. We aren’t afraid to show our playful sides, like most adults are forced to hide in today’s constricted society.
A few weeks earlier, I had met a zealous boy from OkCupid. I had never expected too much from the site, just to find a warm body to smoke and sleep with, and possibly discuss music and philosophy if I was lucky. But this person seemed very different! Orientation: Bisexual; Ethnicity: Black; Relationship Type: Strictly Non-monogamous.  In his Self Summary section he wrote:
I prefer to be considered demi-sexual (sexual affinity forms after a bond is made, that bond, for me, being friendship) and pansexual (I don’t really care about your wiggly bits just as long you have a body that does stuff like breathe and be cute).
I am a satyr. My patron is Dionysos and my boss is Pan.

He and I made a connection during our first “date” (if that’s what you want to call it), which took place in Drexel Park and consisted of doing handstands and sitting in the grass. While running my hands through his beautiful, short locks, he told me “I was kicked out of my house for being queer, so I went to live with a friend’s Dad for a few months”. Surprisingly, I was not skeptical of this somewhat outlandish story or character; strolling, with his six pack abs, into my life. “I had a job at Pathmark for a few months, but I was miserable, crying during my 15 minute breaks at work…. I needed a full time job, and I finally found a job in Old City at the Franklin Fountain.” He went on,   “I was with my ex for three years, and we just went through a break up about three months ago…”.

“Why did you end it? Did it end well” I asked.

A few weeks later, we find ourselves in that very same park, coming up on acid. Playing around the Water Works and alongside the Schuykil is always fun, but when we’re on acid and transformed into fairy-like versions of ourselves.

He is brown, I am peach. Although our parents might see us on a more black and white scale.
It is 2014; 51 years from the time Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. I am frustrated that progress has not occurred more quickly; but I still have hope for the future, and I have dreams of my own. I dream that I will not have to worry about giving birth to a multiracial son that will be shot for walking into a convenience store. “I will mourn Darrien Hunt for the rest of my life,” is another anecdote within the depths of ArmillanSatyr’s OkCupid profile. If it weren’t for the well-grounded Dominyck, I probably would not be concerned with such an issue. But on this magical night’s trip, troublesome matters are pushed to the back burner for the both of us, and neither of us are really on the ground. Literally. We were practicing gymnastics and capoeira; a Brazilian martial art. I am a centaur and he is a satyr. He is a feisty Peter Pan and I am his Tinkerbell, flying through the air. All is well in the land of hedons.

Overlooking the long grassy, slightly inclined area of land that leads up to the back of the art museum, we sat on one of the many rocks that form a cliff. Being the creatures with natural inclinations to climb dangerous objects that we are, I followed the satyr up the side of the mountain, feeling safe with him always. Pangs in the back of my throat were telling me that something was trying to get out. Things we normally don’t say or speak in our daily lives because they could be risky have a tendency to slip out while LSD is in use. Sitting on a rock ledge, I pulled out my journal to see if I could understand what I was thinking, or communicate what I was trying to say, since I knew that I tend to communicate more easily through writing. I read from my journal “Dominyck is great… I’m so glad he is poly” Tears began to trickle down my cheek, the words fighting for air, ” I … I … I … love you,” I said with tear enhanced vulnerability.



“Wait right here”, he said and scurried away down the rocks and across the valley.

Oh my god, I thought, did I scare him by moving to fast, does it seem like too much, too soon?


“Victoria Powell, I love you too!”, I heard a declaration from across the grassy incline.

Filled with joy. I had opened myself up like an empty treasure chest and was filled with gold and all of the precious jewels I could ever imagine. In fact, it was something better than that, a mystical moment where I felt the all-powerful yet evasive, unconditional love.  I explained that loving him was a thing I did, a verb. And I wanted to keep doing it.

“So we’re a poly couple now,” he said.

“Yes, sure”, I replied. Not thinking too much about the fact that he recently told me he wanted to be “living independently” after the breakup with his girlfriend of three years. The concern crossed my mind, but I knew I was ready to be in a polyamorous relationship, and I had a hunch that I would not be as controlling or time-consuming as his aforementioned ex. So lets give it a try, I thought.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am free.
We are both living independently together.


The sun is shining. The vapors off freshly made coffee and the dew drops from honeysuckle flowers are the first to make their way to my nose. The distant sound of water wandering over rocks and onto the next river bed are the first sounds to whisper, “good morning” to me. The temperature is what you’d call “perfect;” the temperature that makes you forget where you and your skin meet so you feel like you dissolve freely with the air. I have been living in my open-air tree house for the past few years and it’s safe to say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Here in the woods, the lifestyle is relaxed, peaceful and stretched about like falling leaves.
Henry! He’s probably here to help me with breakfast; he must have the package of chestnuts and honeysuckle that I requested. Pulling back the latch, I let him in with open arms, hoping he will want to give me a hug.
“Good morning, darlin'” says Henry, in between munches and cheeks full of acorn.
“Hello Henry,” I say with a smile of compassion. He jumps on to my shoulder and gives me a hug around the neck with his tiny chipmunk body.
He may be small, but he’s got plenty of woodland wisdom. And he sure knows how to treat a lady.
He crawls along my head leaving a yellow honeysuckle flower above my ear. “What’ve you got planned for today? I may need some help in the garden if you’re free. The radishes are turning out beautifully; purple, maroon and red” he exuberantly pushes through a smile.
“Well, I was just going to take a day to unwind down by the river. I’m sure you’ll find some other helpers once you arrive at the garden hub,” I reply quietly. During my previous life in civilization, I would’ve felt guilty for not going along to help Henry; but here, there are no such reservations.
“Of course, of course, you deserve the day to please yourself! After all, you are the goddess of pleasure,” Henry winked as the light lit a glint in his kind, beady eye. And in no way do I mean to suggest that Henry is greedy or conniving; but those eyes were clear, especially about his lust for “life” and interest in my godly domain.
“I am healthy, beautiful and compassionate.” I repeat my mantra walking over to the window box, resting my chin on the sill and the fresh basil fill my nostrils. Henry knows me enough now to not think I’m talking to the ghosts in the soil (which actually wouldn’t be out of the ordinary either). I grow most of my vegetables in small plots with the help of the sun and the nearby river. But I also enjoy spending time at the Garden Hub to learn new discoveries, technologies and techniques with the woods’ creatures of all sorts.
You’d probably say I was giant fairy. This is basically true. I became aware of and able to sense fae when I turned 23; odd age to learn such a thing indeed. My fae friends taught me how to holistically grow my own wings after I gained their trust. It took more than a year of visualization, meditation and flight training. Let’s summarize learning to fly like this: humans naturally don’t fly for very good reasons and you trust nature’s selection in this matter. But it’s amazing what the human body can do when you stop falling out the sky 15 seconds after you finally take off successfully.
I felt very strongly about flight training.
After countless months of training, and human incubator sessions my wings started to sprout, not unlike my garden plants.
“Alright Henry, I’m about ready to head out! Are you?” I say, walking toward the window.
“Yes my darling, I’ll see you soon!” Henry says as he scurries towards the window and out on to a branch. “I’ll tell the other fae you say ‘hello’.”
Perched on my porch, I dive into the air as if the step is a spring board and the pool, the sky above. Giving myself about 3 seconds of free-fall after reaching peak height, I pull myself away from critical injury; the wind rushing over my skin after such a moment of uncertainty hurried the adrenaline through me. After the rush faded I remembered I’m here to relax today. Catching some smooth drifts of wind, I glide as much as possible and only flap once I close in on a tree’s half submerged branch to land.
I walk along the grassy, soil-bare shore to the waterfall for bathing and there I see some other fae. All I can hear is the sound of laughter; all I can see is skin and hair and wings. Some of them are my size, though none born human like me; some are a bit smaller, and some are very tiny pixies zipping about like darts of light. Crystal offers to use some of her spellbound salves to make me bright and and glittering, catching the light like true fae. I sit motionless in front of her lap so she can work her magic.
Soon I start to feel many arms and legs wrapping around me as welcome after noticing I arrived. Crystal chanted as she moved the salves about my skin. The other fae caressed me with wet hands of varying size with their own soaps. I have mostly gotten used to not seeing men anymore. Breasts and nipples and pubic regions exposed; all magical and individual and all some variation of me. I am secure here. Their skin is supple like honey except woven from cotton and their hair is fur with hairs made of silk. Crystal is finishing up her treatment with her hands moving up and down from my spine; I feel another mysterious fae is massaging my feet under the water.
Her head comes above water and she has green eyes with dark blue flecks. My looking is interrupted by her lips meeting mine. I can feel her connection to the woodland in her tongue; the woodland seems larger. She is connected so deeply it makes me sink into the comfort of this place. Our sweat melts with the others until the temperatures match and we can hardly remember who is who.  The pink rosebud between my thighs becomes her fascination. Lost in the mood, and delving into her aether sexual zone, we find ourselves on a nearby bed of green moss. I notice for hardly a moment other fairies are still around but they can’t pay us much mind because they are all essentially doing the same thing. So often this happens at the bathing falls, everyone ought to know by now. Henry is probably hidden in a branch above laughing with envy. The green-blue eyed fae focuses on my bud as it pulsed with life and magic. She unveils a branch painted gold and purple, points is at my bud and whispers an incantation. It shines green light and my bud starts to vibrate smoothly! It tickles a bit at first but it sends chills through all of my skin. Fae juices splash into the water at our feet and my cheeks turn blush. I can hear the green-blue eyed fae laugh and sweep her hair on my breasts. I slowly faint back onto another fairies lap. She jumps a little as I startle slightly. The sun shines through branch and water drop casting spotlight and rainbow on the moss below. As she slid back into the water she said “I must go! But I’ll be back to give you another wonderful time.” A solitary green eye with blue flecks winked before it disappeared until the sparkling waters.