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Victoria is a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Healer from Philadelphia, PA. She loves to travel and bring joy to the world! She is a transformational leader, helping people to heal themselves and heal the Earth.

Are you looking for a thorough, in-depth Reiki energy that integrates discussion, self-care, singing bowls and more? She offers a full range of energy healing modalities from basic energy healing to sound healing.

Who is Reiki Master Victoria?

She provides Usui and Holy Fire® Reiki energy sessions for stress relief, well-being, and spiritual healing. She is also certified in the Akashic Records and ReikiSound™. She uses tuning forks and singing bowls for vibrational healing from her offices in Philadelphia PA. She provides Akashic Records Readings for you to know your own soul.

An energy healing session with Victoria

Reiki is a gentle and nurturing form of receiving energy where the client is usually seated or lying down. The client remains fully clothed. Unlike a massage, the Reiki practitioner places her hands lightly on the body allowing reiki energy to cascade to the client. Sessions are typically one hour in length. Clients experience a deeply relaxed state, allowing the body to feel calm and peaceful.
During a session, she combines hands-on healing or hovering with weighted tuning forks for the body and non-weighted ones for the aura. Clients report feeling lighter and more at ease. Since 2015, she has offered countless hours of service for adults, children, and even animals.
Tune your body to its natural frequency with a session of the best Reiki.

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Vida+ CBD Products

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I had a session with Victoria last month. It was fantastic and so very healing. Her gentle loving nature comes through. She intuitively found those points of pain in my body without my directing her or bringing her attention to them. Excellent. Going back again this month. – Siri Sevak Singh thesirisevaks.com
Kundalini yoga teacher
Healing Arts Collective

Siri Sevak Singh

Victoria is a pure channel. The energy that moves through her is unfettered and bliss-inducing. –HeartEvolver.com


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