Victoria is a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Healer from Philadelphia, PA. She loves to travel and bring joy to the world! She is a transformational leader, helping people to heal themselves and heal the Earth.

She provides Usui and Holy Fire Reiki sessions for stress relief, well-being, and spiritual healing. She is also certified in ReikiSound™, and uses tuning forks and singing bowls for vibrational healing. During a session, she combines hands-on healing or hovering (reiki) with weighted tuning forks for the body and non-weighted tuning forks for the aura. Clients report feeling lighter and more at ease. Tune your body to its natural frequency.

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“Victoria is a very gentle, patient and in tune sound healer! Her spirit is very kind and genuine and you can feel the love that she puts into her passion for healing! It is truly her calling to be a vessel for Spirit to flow through and the healing you receive continues long after the session is over!” – Imani Nia Harmony, IAmHarmony.org

I Am Harmony

“What I like about my sessions with Victoria the most is that she allows me to find my own way, making sure that she doesn’t taint my experience with her own influence. I like this approach a lot because it allowed me to dig deep and find what works for me, which gave me more confidence. I also like the effort she puts into making sure that I’m always comfortable.”

Ambria Smith

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